Mrs, I De Ver Warner?

oath5(z6b/7a MD)August 6, 2007

Old House Gardens Heirloom Flower Bulbs has this rare cultivar up for sale and claims it is hardy in the area from which they received it ( most years)- which is down to probably zone 6b. I myself am in a borderline zone 6b to 7a, and have had dahlia tubers winter over in the ground only once, when the winter was really mild. They didn't make it through last winter though.

Anyway does anybody have experience with this dahlia at all to say yay or nay towards it's hardiness?

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No but old house gardens may stretch the truth a bit. And they are not alone in this. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Overall, I don't think one dahlia variety is hardier than another (I'm sure there are exceptions). In your part of the country, I wouldn't chance leaving them in the ground. I agree with Steve on how some (many) catalogs stretch the truth as to hardiness. Does it mention that dahlias do not like wet feet? Here in the Pacific Northwest, more dahlias are lost in the winter to that than to freezing.


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