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nerak(6)August 7, 2011

I have many dahlias that I overwinter every year. I bought 2 new kinds last year,dinner plate light purple witch grew very large last year, at least10" blooms,the other is bicolored,light pink and yellow,this did not grow as large. this year the pink/yellow is growing huge,many blooms and i'm having trouble w/the purple. so I took out magnifying lens,the leaves are mottled w/very tiny black lines. they are also stunted in height. I researched insects and can't seem to find any that match, they are not aphids-to small,they seem to me to be mites but no webs and i'm seeing mottling on many of my other dahlias.what to do? anyone having this problem? don't want to loose them/save them every yr. reading earwigs,what does larva look like? lost some to voles,moles because can't find them in garden were planted and had a bad problem.nothing really growing right this year.garden web mail response mc 1720161318099ec rosa.abbystractkat@cox.net

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I just left another thread the other day here about insects on mine.

I had what I believed to be spider mites, and some other brown bug that was eating the veins running through the leaf centers.

The spider mites were always in patches of many bugs, and some times I noticed ants around them also. I didnt see any webs, but I dont think they spin webs, but I could be wrong.
They were really small though.

I didnt have any insect control, so I sprayed the undersides of all leaves with the hose with a moderate stream, which washed them all off, then I broadcast granular insect control onto the ground all around them to stop them from returning, but I will still spray them eventually.

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