pathetic papageno

linht(4a)August 28, 2007

I ordered this tuber from an OR supplier and planted this a little late (early June). The tuber looked very plump and healthy. However, my plant is barely 1 feet tall and only has 2 buds right now. Papageno is suppose to be about 3 ft tall and have 10 inch blooms (size AA). The first bloom I have is barely 8 inches and already you can see the center but it just bloomed!! It's not as thick as my other dinnerplates and just plain pathetic looking. When I received the tuber, it had a fairly long shoot which I was told to trim before planting. I forgot & planted it in a hurry and now I have THIS. Does anyone know if not trimming the shoot can cause it to not look so good?

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It looks good to me. Eight inches is not too far off of the estimated bloom size. It certainly is a beautiful color. It may get larger as the plant matures.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Hi linht,
I have had a few stunted dahlias from NW growers this year. Even the same variety: one will go on to be the predicted ht and the other will stop at 6-10-12 inches tall. Sometimes it's a rotting tuber, or something else perhaps.

I do like the colors on your Papageno, but I'm not a big fan of the open centers. Can you contact the supplier and see what they have to say about the short stature?

As for long shoots, I wouldn't think that would cause your plant's problems. I dragged what I thought to be a dud tuber out of the compost pile in July with a straggly 6 inch sprout and plopped it in the ground. The pale white shoot greened up, straightened up, and is now a nice 14 inch plant BETTER looking than some tubers planted for 3 months. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes?

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Noni Morrison

IT seems to me that at least in my garden the open centers occur when the days are cloudy and as the days shorten in the fall. e dahlia seem more sensitive to it, but the pale colors on your dahlia would also indicate to me that it has not had as much light as it wants. Is it crowded and shaded by something else? IF not, then give it time to grow and settle into blooming. THe first flower is just for practice you know!

I finally got a Jennifers Wedding that did not have an open center after 3 years of trying...don't give up!

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Thanks for all the helpful info and encouragement! I have contacted the supplier and they just said not to worry because it will keep growing taller. The problem is I'm in Minnesota and since Sept is approaching, my plants only have 3 or 4 more weeks to keep growing before frost does it's thing. Luckily, the plant is not shaded/crowded but we had a very hot summer w/ virtually no rain until 2 weeks ago when it was cloudy, cold and rained every day for about 2 weeks. Maybe my Papageno just doesn't appreciate the crazy MN weather...

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Wonder if there was a wholesale supplier that sold those Papageno's to more than one retailer. I got mine from Costco and it looks exactly like yours. Pale colors and very open in the center.

Lizalily - a question; I've always heard that dahlias produce more and more in response to having the blooms removed, so I liberally cut flowers for indoors and giving away. Actually thats really why I grow them - just for cut flowers. Do you cut the first flowers as a practice?

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I ordered my Papageno from Swan Island Dahlias. Maybe this is a plant that needs more time to grow and mature. I also ordered a Zorro tuber from them. The first bloom is going to open any day now. Keeping my fingers crossed...please NO FROST !!

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Noni Morrison

You bet I cut the first flowers! CAn't wait to get my hands on them and arrange them. No flower is safe from my flower snips! The sad part is when an arrangement I really like does not sell at my stand.... I feel so terrible for the flowers! I had one that was so delicous I wanted to eat it the other day....Grandma June (small dainty pink flowers with just a touch of yellow in the center), arranged with pink and yellow snapdragons, and pale pink English roses and lime green one wanted pink anything that day or the next and it withered away in the sun. Meanwhile the purples sold readily. Atleast I get first chance to play with them all!

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