Picture I don't understand - Can anybody help?

limequillaAugust 7, 2006

Hi all --

I'm looking onto the no fuss dahlia wrapping method ofr overwinter storage and there is a picture I don't understand.

It looks to me as if the person who is wrapping the tubers has cut some giagantic tubers in half crosswise and thrown away the butt end, while keeping the neck end. I understand how important it is to keep the neck end, but I dont understand why anybody would cut a tuber in half right before storage.

Anybody care to explain?



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Poochella(7 WA)

I believe those pictures reflect cutting the tuber off both to save space and avoid a lazy tuber the next spring when they're planted. With long, or plump tubers they will sometimes take their sweet time kicking out a plant. That can be avoided by giving the dahlia less tuber to nourish itself and prompt it to put out foliage and roots to get its nutrients.

Something to that effect. Bernie might give you his answer as I think you refer to his photos.

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