Why do light-colored dahlias look dirty or un-uniforim?

utah_growerAugust 24, 2006

I've only been growing dahlias for a couple of years. I live in Northern Utah (wish there was a Dahlia Society around here). I've noticed that most of the light-colored dahlia flowers look dirty, but the dark ones don't. From the point of the buds beginning to open, the light-colored ones don't have the beautiful form they should. Do insects tend to focus their efforts on these? I have plenty of earwigs. Right next to a light-colored Candlelight I have a Dark Magic that is just as gorgeous as it can be.

Thanks for your insights.

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

We've found that the earwigs really love the white dahlias- that's where we find the most of the little beasts. They also poop in them- little flecks of black stuff that can contribute to the dirty look of lighter blooms - doesn't show up as much in the darker ones. Some really stark whites are -Spike, Arctic Frost, Kenora Jubilee, Kenora Challenger, Kenora Clyde & Klondike. Some of the other whites do have a muddy, grayed color & some are blends of white with some pink or yellow in them.

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