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bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)November 22, 2012

I bought some new plants and couldn't find names for these two plants below.

I have never seen this plant before, it's unusual- pretty for me, that's why I decided to buy. It has sharp, pointed, orange tips, variegated leaves:

Is this Aloe Aristata or Haworthia?

Thanks in advance for your helps.


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First plant is a Sansevieria of some type, not sure which, but not the most common variety.


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Christopher is right - it could be S. pinguicula.

The second - I think Haworthia.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

a Sans? ..really?
hmm, their kinda cute when their little lol

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The Sans does seem similar to Pinguicula, but doesn't seem as blue. There seem to be dozens of similar species that all have sharp points and have stilted pups. This one may end up with the leaves getting more and more like round spikes. Some look almost like Agaves while others mature as vertical spikes.

The second... don't know. Could it be a Aloe X Haworthia hybrid?

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

It does not quite look like Haworthia bolusii var bolusii picturf below.

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bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)

Thank you Christopher and cactusmcharris :) For the 1st plant: it's Sansevieria! I searched online into details by putting the words: sansevieria pinguicula variegated, and found an online nursery out of country which has exactly the same plant as I have. It's not S.Pinguicula (You are right noki, thanks) but Sansevieria ballyi 'Minnie' (Dwarf Sansevieria, short leaves). Some online nurseries here in US also have the same plants. I went to Sans forum to confirm and found some pics of Sansevieria ballyi 'Minnie'.

For the 2nd plant: @wantonamara, compare to the pic you posted, mine has smaller- shorter teeth along the leaves and covered with white spots.
That's a beautiful aloe on the first left.

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The Sansevieria reminds me of Sansevieria sp Lavranos 1970. The channels on the leaves of Sansevieria pinguicula go from the base to the tip unlike the species shown in the photo. You will probably have to wait until your plant is more mature to get a proper ID.


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With Noki, may be hybrid for second plant.

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bougainvillea(8b/ VA Beach)

@silentsurfer: yes it is Sansevieria, small- cute little plant/ offset. I wish I bought two plants when I visited the seller's greenhouse.

@ Noki, mikedahms and Beachplants, thank you for input. Will wait for my little Sansevieria to get a bit bigger for a proper ID. At least I know what plants I have: Sansevieria and Haworthia.


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