Will my dahlias survive a transplanting??

manders31August 9, 2006

I have about 10 great dahlias in an above ground planter that is being demolished for a new patio in a few weeks. While I am very excited about the patio, I dont want to trash my dahlias. Can I transplant them into pots?

Do you think they will make it??

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You should be fine as long as you get all the roots and don't damage the tuber. I transplanted one this year that was 2 feet high and it survived. It withered a bit at first, but then it was fine. Move it later in the evening when it isn't hot...

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The trouble is with dahlia....you plant A tuber...one.
In a few short months, what you have now is more than one.
You have maybe a clump of size and lifting it I'm sure would cause the plant and flowers to wilt badly.

Unless you can lift a sizable root ball and deposit into the its new home, I'm afraid your plants might suffer.
But hey....when there's need....

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