Courtyard garden in September

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 19, 2009

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Very nice! Wish my garden looked like that this time of year. We're having a heatwave---it is supposed to reach into the triple digits next week! Becky

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So so pretty. I don't know what any of the blooms are . Can you name some of them? A really enchanting area. You have so much space to work with I just love it. c

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Second photo (same blooms that can be seen in first photo): bush clover (rose-pink), wild ageratum (blue), lobelia (dark blue), an annual bedding geranium (bright pink).
Third photo (same blooms in 1st): phlox (pink,lavendar) and Honorine Jobert anenome (white). And if you look way back you can see my new little Blue Moss Cypress tree (inside the sun halo the camera made).

Fourth photo: Nasturtiums and allysum surround the bird bath, can not remember the name of the variety of nast. thought I'd kept the seed packet but I just looked and nope it's not there. Someone else posted a pic of the same nasturtium today, maybe they know.

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Schoolhouse, your garden is absolutely lovely!

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Thank you schoolhouse. My problem of course is not much full sun areas to plant. I can do allysum and I am going to move the lobelia as it is struggling in the shadeed area in back. I plan on more phlox and am going to do candytuft.

Really pretty. c

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

WOW! So beautiful. The stones are perfect and I love that little sitting area in your 2nd picture. Are you in the process of doing a topiary on the hedge in the first picture? And is that your teapot topiary in the first picture? I remember someone had a great post about the teapot. Was that yours? Everything looks wonderful!

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Thanks everyone.

thyme2dig, yes I'm trying to turn the one end of the old juniper hedge (on the right)into a three-tier topiary. The hedge is pretty old and lopsided to begin with, so getting the layers to stand out and be somewhat even is a challenge. I should have trimmed it again before now, definitely will try to take the scissors to it before cold weather sets in for good.

That is the teapot topiary, and the little shrub to the left in front of it will be the teacup eventually. I just started that this Summer.

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I just love your gardening style! You have everything looking just perfect.

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newbiehavinfun(7a - Southern NJ)


Have you tried lobelia vedriansis? I have mine in full shade and it's performing beautifully. This is its first year and it has grown to almost three feet tall and flowered literally all summer. It's still blooming now! One caveat: it spreads through runners, so you need to be careful where you plant it.


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