Begonia in an urn

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 19, 2009

This pretty white begonia has been quite happy in this urn.

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Nell Jean

Begonias and Urns, made for each other. I have pottery urns of a vaguely similar shape filled with Angelwing begonias.

It's been a begonia year; I'm about to start gathering up begonias to grow over the winter inside, for color.


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My Mom buys begonias every year, but for some reason I've always over looked them. Next year I won't, I didn't know they were so hardy planted in containers. A "begonia year", huh? I wonder why that is? Lots of moisture and heat or just the cooler temps early on and then now.

When you say gather up, do you mean just digging them out of the ground and potting them up to bring indoors? That's a great idea, better than pitching them when there's still some bloom left in them.

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Nell Jean

A begonia year, plenty of moisture and plenty of plants.

Gathering up will include bringing in containers, picking up double potted pots (a pot sunk in the ground, a second pot inside that one. Some other pot goes into the sunken pot, filled with something for the coming season, great for where theres lots of tree roots), taking cuttings, digging up comely plants and repotting -- whatever works. The angel wings in the urns I sometimes pull out and put in a hanging basket, no hanger, trimming to fit and rooting any long canes.

This summer I bought a flat of 18 nice begonia bedding plants with green leaves, mostly pink. There were 2-3 plants in each cell, many in three colors. I divided some of the biggest and ended up with begonias everywhere. Some just sat there, most thrived, some fell to the antics of the pets. There are others from a previous year that I kept over, bright red with bronze foliage. There are just so many choices in wax begonias, not to mention all the other, bigger begonias.

I can't address tuberous begonias, they do not care for our climate. I wish they did.

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Beautiful urn and begonia. Nell, thanks for all the good advice about them. I just planted a few one year and then didn't.....don't know why. I really liked them.

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Nell Jean

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