Wilted Dahlia needs swift action

mikitooAugust 16, 2008

My big lush potted dahlia "Fascination" was accidentally

left sitting in water for a week. Now its leaves are wilting, so I guess its tubers may be rotting.

Should I unpot it and let the soil dry out, the leaves die, and hope not all the tubers have rotted?

Or cut the leaves off and remove all the soil?

Any suggestions. Mikitoo.

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How long has it been wilty for? A few of mine were wilted today after yesterday's torrential rain but I'm sure they will bounce back. They are in the ground though. Is there any other way you can dry out the soil without removing it all from the pot? Maybe move it somewhere to get A LOT of sun? Is it blooming? If so, I would put it somewhere sunny and enjoy the blooms for as long as possible and hope the plant doesn't die. I would rather enjoy the blooms now and replace the tuber later if I have to if it is an easily obtained variety.

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