Early vs. Late bloomers

davidinsfAugust 2, 2012

As a general rule, my known 'early' bloomers (Patty Cake) bloom in May/June. Known late bloomers (Baarn Bounty) start blooming now. But why would an early dahlia also bloom LATE?

I bought Tomo from a box store 4-5 years ago. It was always the first (or one of the first) bloomers. Couple years ago, I divided (the many) tubers and lazily planted a couple near the main plant.

Last year, the main plant bloomed in May as always but in August, when it was dying down, a 2nd bush started blooming. It was Tomo (2) - just where I had planted one of its offspring. So again this year, plant 2 has 3-4 unopened buds on a small bush and is getting ready for another late summer run.

How could the same variety be both an early AND late bloomer? Last year it bloomed into October and while this is EXACTLY what I like in a dahlia (blooms for 5-6 months) I am perplexed why it does this when it they are within 3 feet of each other and obviously get the same water, food, sun, soil etc.

Anybody with a thought? Or anybody have the same thing happen? Anybody know what makes them early versus normal versus late bloomers to begin with? I would think plant DNA but then how to explain my Tomo(s)?

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I think a 'clump' of tubers has a more extensive root system that will get your dahlia going faster. I had the same thing with a couple of varities that I purchased as pot roots (which apear the same as the box store clumps that you get). Those shot up much faster than the cuttings that I took.
In the long run, the bloom/plant quality is usually better with the cutting or single tuber; but those with the larger root system tend to develop much faster.

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