Wilting dahlia

peachguyAugust 13, 2007

Hi everyone I am new to Dahlias this year and so far I have been doing pretty well. I have about 5 plants, all different varieties. The question i have is considering my Akita, I got it from a big box store and when it sprouted it was very weak and leggy. But once it got into ground it took off, all of my dahlia took off considering the drought like weather we have been having since late spring. It has wilted a few times through out the season but I attributed this to the drought and it perked up when i watered it, then we got much needed rains which lasted a few days on and off. Then the first sunny day since the rains my Akita wilted badly, the worst I have ever seen a plant wilt, then by the evening it perked back up. This keeps happening it will wilt during morning and early afternoon then recover that evening. the location it is in get sun from 7 am to 2 pm. I thought the wilting could be from to little water but now that it is in this cycle i think it is something else but I don't what. Oh yes and it has buds on it and they do fine as well and are almost open. sorry for the long description i just wanted to explain it well

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Poochella(7 WA)

If you're having hot summer days, it sounds like a perfectly reasonable and normal dahlia to me. The key is that it rebounds, formed buds and they're almost open. I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep it watered once or twice weekly, fertilize as you see fit and enjoy. When they wilt and stay wilted, that's a real problem.

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Thank you very much i will just leave it been and water it regularly.

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