do i bring in dahlia for the winter?

meadowgarden(zone 6 NY Longisland)August 20, 2008

HI I am in longisland,ny Do i bring these bulbs in for the winter? how do i store them? DO I treat them like a canna??

thanks in advance!


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Yes Meadow we have to dig and store our Dahlia tubers. I store mine in the back of my house. The room is the coolest in the house. I would say the temp. is around 50 degrees. I put them in a box with saw dust. I creat a lot making wooden flower boxes. But I have stored them in peatmoss also. I would check them at least once a month for the winter months. If they seem to be drying out runs some water over them before restoring. If they feel soggy you might want to cut the soggy part off. You might try leaving them in the air for a couple of hours to see if you can dry them a little. If you have cats put a screen over the top of the box or they will assume you gave them an extra potty.

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Everyone stores their dahlias for the winter differently or have their own method so you will find many ways for storing them.

I recommend that you store them in boxes using coarse vermiculite, not the small vermiculite. Coarse vermiculite holds just enough moisture to keep your tubers firm & plump during the winter where other mediums tend to dry out your tubers.

This transfer of moisture is most important during storage and coarse vermiculite does it the best. Small vermiculite holds too much moisture and sticks to the tubers and can cause them to rot.

Store your tubers in the coolest (not freezing) area you have available below 55%. Check each month to see how they are getting along.

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

FWIW, I used the saran method (search google with "saran dahlias"). Basically, you just wrap up the tubers in saran wrap, put them in bags that keep out the light (I used eco-friendly cloth grocery bags with newspaper over the top.)

I stored mine in a beer fridge I have in the garage. I didn't check them until I took them out in January to start them.

None rotted.


Here is a link that might be useful: Saran Wrap Method Of Storing Dahlia Tubers

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