October in the orchard garden

schoolhouse_gwOctober 8, 2009

zebra grass

poke berries and silver lace

silver lace by path

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It looks like fall here. I love this time of year. I thought I had pulled or cut down all the poke but just saw some yesterday out by the Yvonne's Salvia.

I haven't seen the silver lace vine in years.

The bloom heads on my Zebra Grass are silver. What variety do you have?

Thanks you showing us fall in your area.


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I don't know the variety of Zebra grass, a couple starts were given to me by a friend many years ago. The plumes are a bronze color, then get fluffy later on.

The silver lace runs rampant in this area. It use be on an arbor that covered that stone path. Wish I had taken a photo of the poke berries several weeks ago when the silver lace was at the height of bloom and intertwined with the purple clusters of berries. Poke berries are really a nuisance on my property because the birds eat them and "plant" them everywhere.

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treelover(z8b SoCtrlTX)

So pretty . . . do you have fruit trees in this garden, too?

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Yes. I have three very old standard apple trees left of my Uncle's orchard and one dwarf apple I planted four years ago. There are two dwarf peach, Alberta and White Peach; and a plum tree (prune plum) that was suppose to be dwarf but it has grown very tall in a short time. It had lots of fruit this year, but before they could ripen all the way they fell from the tree. All of them. There are also two Bartlett Pear trees I planted nearly 25yrs. ago. They are very tall and prolific without ever being sprayed or pruned, except by the wind. As ragged as their branches are at times, they still produce big delicious golden pears.

There is a Bing Cherry tree I planted when I moved in, and it's huge. This year there were tons of cherries but too high up for me to pick most of them. Right beside it is a Mulberry tree that came up as a scrub tree one year and I let it grow. It's as tall as the cherry tree and grows too close to it; for the last two years it has been loaded with mulberries so much so that the branches drooped nearly on the ground. The branches of Mulberry trees grow in an arch towards the ground anyway. I have to make sure I pull out any seedlings because they grow very fast.

A very old Chinese Chestnut tree grows on the edge of the orchard,too. Scrub trees threaten to choke it out and every year I think it will be its last. I just didn't keep the other trees cut down like I should have, now they have grown tall. Some are on growing on the edge of the farmer's field so they don't belong to me. My brush pile is there too. Sometimes a person learns lessons too late I guess but taking proper care of an orchard and trees is quite a job unless you have help.

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