What can I do with this cactus?

robinpla(10b)November 15, 2012

Another plant that was given to me. It's clearly old but has signs of pretty severe neglect, and the curvature and skewing makes it unattractive. Any suggestions what to do with it? I don't mind crazy experiments ;)

Does anyone know what it is?

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That would be a 'Phallic Cactus' ... It's supposed to look like that.
So to say, look like its name. It is indeed old but not unatractive.
Keep it right there on the porch ... Morning sun and afternoon shade Or all day indirect light. Water sparingly, when you do, make sure it's thorough and let it dry out between waterings. Cacti all come in strange/different varieties ... Some beautiful, some so ugly they are beautiful. (;

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It is Parodia leninghausii

I personally love this cactus, and while you arent looking, i might steal it from you :o

Do you have any room in the ground, or a bigger pot? I think everything you are doing it perfect besides the fact it needs more room.

Has it bloomed for you yet? Mine had blooms that lasted about a week. Beautiful.

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Could she just cut off the old part and let the pups grow?Not sure how that would look.

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I stole this plant yesterday, so I haven't had time to do anything with it, except a good soaking. The neighbor lady was moved to a nursing home. I asked her son if I could help myself to her collection, and he was more than happy that someone could get rid of the mess in her backyard. I took 14 plants the first time I went over, and I took a last peek yesterday to make sure I didn't miss anything before the house got a new owner. Took three more plants, haha.

So I can understand that this might be a beautiful plants because it's a mature plant and has character. But I think I am growing plants in hope to one day exhibit them and win the big prizes :) I am years away, but one has to start somewhere. I assume this cactus is never going to win anything.

My whole front yard is full of succulents and cacti. Maybe I plant it there. Perhaps I plant the pups in a pot.

Thank you both for your input and help,

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She can do that if she desires. These tend to root fairly easily for me.
The babies would eventually grow out, and probably cover the cut scars.
Although i still prefer le look of le cactus.

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I'd give you a ribbon just for dragging it into the show. Your Notocactus (Parodia) leninghausii could have that main stem cut and rooted, but now's not the time for that.

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And if you dream of plunder at a C&S Show, one of the finest steps to take down that path is join one of at least three clubs in your area; I'm guessing the LACSS maybe is closest, but there are at least two others represented in the Tri-City Show that's at the LA Arboretum in August (?).

Here is a link that might be useful: C&S for the LaLa-minded

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There are several shows at the LA arboretum during summer and fall. I tend to go to all of them. It's on my to do list to join the San Gabriel Valley Cactus and Succulent Society, but, life is busy (aka I am lazy). I think that club is the largest down here. I should join the LA one too.

So wait to cut the mother cactus until the weather is warmer? If she gets a little shorter she could be reunited with her pups to make a nice family again. Mama is going under the knife :)

Besides being lazy, I am also very impatient :) (I picked the damn best hobby for my bad qualities. I also grow bonsai trees :)

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Microthrix, that is a absolutely beautiful photo of your cacti bloom! Breath-taking! I don't know much about cactus, I live where it freezes but doesn't snow. People around here classify echeveria, sempervivum and anything succulent that takes the form of a rubbery flower as one thing (hens n' chicks). I'm new here, just wish they had a plant cell and botany forum so I could share my pictures. Again ... All I wanted to say is Wow! Like a cactus flower, beautiful when it blooms.

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We all love pictures :) I couldn't help it, despite the damp weather and winter around the corner, I cut the mother parodia leninghausii today. Started with trying to get her and her pups out of the pot, but gave up and used a hammer. Then I used a hand saw and cut it. Sprayed the cut with Physan 20, then dusted with Rootone.

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So this is what I ended up with after the butchery. I have all the pups which I intend to plant tomorrow. I also have the bottom part of the mother with roots and a segment from the mother. Can I use them for anything? Will they grow? If not I will just discard. (I sprayed all cuts and roots with anti fungal, viral, and bacterial liquid.)

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This is the top part of the mother. Sprayed with Physan 20, anti fungar, viral, and bacterial liquid. Then I dusted the cut with Rootone. All parts are drying indoors. Does anyone see anything I am doing wrong?

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