Recommendatons for deep Gold dahilas?

steve22802(7a VA)August 20, 2013

Does anyone have recommendations for deep gold dahlias? I do already have some nice light-mid toned yellows but it would really be helpful in certain floral arrangements to have some strong deep gold tones.

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Hi Steve,

I'm not sure if you're looking for a certain size or form but here are a few with gold tones:

Taratahi Sunrise

Parkland Gold

Midnight Sun

Levonne Splinter

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Monet Glory is a real people's choice in gold:

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steve22802(7a VA)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind for next year.

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Not sure what 'deep' means but here is an off the wall suggestion.

I got 3 Prince of Oranges from Am Meadows 2 yrs ago and in my opinion, they are not orange but gold. Has shades from lighter to darker (or deeper?) gold. Personally for me, gold means more 'bronz-ish' (and Baarn Bounty is a beauty in my yard BUT it is a GIANT and likely would dwarf an arrangement) but you might check out bronze dahlias for gold tones also.

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steve22802(7a VA)

What I'm looking for is a color similar to Coronation Gold yarrow.

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Coronation Gold yarrow is just a dark yellow(not gold)in my humble opinion. In that case, there are some full saturated yellow dahlias that would match. Bloomquist Barbara, Tahoma Lael, SB's Sunny, Clearview Sundance, Melqua Joy, Chimacum Julia.

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