The season's winding down

Thyme2dig NH Zone 5November 9, 2009

These pics were from this past weekend. It's almost time to put the garden to bed.

One thing I just can't get over is the Sweet Autumn Clematis thinking it's summer or something. We've had all kinds of frosts already and it is still so nice and green.

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It does look like fall. Your SAC looks much greener than mine. I still think is looks very good; this is my favorite time of year.

What will you do to prepare the beds for winter?

I just let mine be, even leaving most tops in place until spring.


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it still looks good. i like your use of rocks, too.

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An example of good planning, your garden shows interest even at the end of the season. Bet it looks nice with snow,too.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Glenda, I don't usually do too much to ready the garden for winter. I leave much of the cutting back until spring. I will cut back the peonies and the asters though and clean up the daylilies. Other than that it's usually just a matter of gathering up the ornaments (of which I don't have many becuase I spend so much on plants!) and getting hoses and sprinklers put away.

Dahli22, we were fortunate that many large rocks were buried in the yard from when the road was blasted. When we built our house we had the guy doing the excavating put all the rocks he dug up in one corner of the yard. A few years later we hired someone who put them to good use.

Schoolhouse, Thanks. I have tried to plan the garden for interest in all seasons. I do quite a bit of shopping in the fall when I can see what is most interesting then. There is so much great color in the foliage of so many plants in the fall.

We limbed up an oak tree this year and the climbing hydrangea on it took on a great color. It was a nice, unexpected treat. Now if it would ever bloom....

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