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davidinsfAugust 27, 2012

Who better to go to for advice about dahlias than the experts?

I have a "white, yellow, orange, pink/red" section currently blooming with Hawaii and 2 roses. I am going to order Caribbean Fantasy to supplement the area next year and I'm looking for ideas on one more dahlia you all might recommend that looks similar. Or one that might fit well with that color scheme.

I apologize I can't upload pics of Hawaii or CF (I no longer have a computer at home) but I am guessing many of you know these dahlias. I'd prefer a tall one (4-5 feet) because it appears CF is only a 3' plant and may have to go in the front.

Any ideas?


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Noni Morrison

One of my favorites which comes to mind is "Summit Festival".I don't seem to have a picture on file of that one, but it is a bb, white tips, soft orange petals, with a raspberry line separating the two colors. Another is Bahama Mama, a Dahlia from Swan ISland that is banana yellow shading into mauve. Always pretty ones on that bush too and the colors are unusual enough to get attention. For a big pink, I am really enjoying my "Enid" that I bought at Costco this year along with Ice Cube. IT is a B sized flower with tall sturdy stem, pink with yellow glow in the center, a very nice dahlia.. Actually. the pic I Put up as Enid I think is Swan's Dessert Storm, which might work too but needs good sunshine to bring out the colors. Can't figure out how to delete it and try again by using the new Image file upload.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

What are the 2 roses?

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One rose is Rainbow Sorbet. The other is Chihuly.

I also planted a Sheer Heaven dahlia last year in that area but this is the 2nd year it never grew so that is mainly why I am looking for alternatives. (I usually shy away from re-ordering dahlias that never grew or bloom - just don't trust them).

Liza- Summit is a good idea. I would probably shy away from Bahama simply because it crosses into mauve territory and lavenders and purples and predominant reds are the ONLY colors not desired in that section. Hawaii sometimes opens red but it quickly turns pink and seems to mainly be white yellow and pink.

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ptpulley(8b Western WA)

I love Island Dawn. It's a large waterlily form, very prolific bloomer, and it's pretty tall. Shades of peach and yellow. I've had it in my garden for at least 15 years.

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Thanks PT

It MUST be an old dahlia because a Google search turns up nothing for an Island Dawn nor do ANY of the vendors on the Colo. Big List have one.

I'm currently leaning toward Peaches n Cream because it has the white, yellow and peach coloring that matches Chihuly. From the photos I've seen on Google, it looks super tall and it seems to morph from all yellow to mostly peach, which that whole section seems to do (Sept. Morn anchors the left side with Patty Cake in front of it).

I probably will also plant a few glads of the same color scheme because they tend to grow 5-6 feet or more for me.

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