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honnatSeptember 21, 2011

It's been a late and somewhat frustrating Dahlia season for me. Still going to be more blooms coming as long as we don't get (another) frost!

AC Ben - Biggest Bloom of the season so far. HUGE strong stems. I had to cut this off with a tree branch trimmer!

Dr. John E. Kaiser - Great dark green foliage with bright wild blooms.

Hillcrest Jake - Short plant for me. Really nice blooms. I just wish I could capture the true red in my photos - it's much better in person.

Keith H - Nice Waterlily

Ms Kennedy - Miniature ball

Pam Howden - First year growing this one; and I haven't gotten the hang of it. Weird stems, bugs....lots of issues...but not a bad one here (just ignore all the chew marks...

Taratahi Glo - LATE bloomer for me; and finicky in hot weather. It was much more red for me last year.

Tahoma Vivian - EARLY blooms and nice long stems.

Verrone's Sandra J - Massive plant with cool blooms.

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Oh My ! Such beautiful flowers. You are to be congratulated. Steve in Stevens County.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Wow! You have some very beautiful dahlias. I'm guessing you have a thing for orange/red varieties? I really like the AC Ben and Verrone's Sandra J. How big is that AC Ben?

I need to get some more orange in my garden. Seems like I always buy the pink/purple ones. I think orange is a great color for fall blooms. I will have to keep those two in mind.

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for looking!
The AC Ben got to be about 11 inches. It's more peach in person. The photo makes it look orange. I decided last year that I needed more 'pop' in my dahlias and went for the bold reds and oranges in picking new ones. I do have some others coming that are more yellow & purple.
If you are going to grow Verrone's SJ, give it some room. It really gets large. It's a fun one to grow because it shoots up so fast.

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I am in love with that Keith H. Waterlilly. I have just begun looking at the waterlily blooms - the shapes are so elegant, and the color on that one is beautiful. The J. Kaiser is new for me this year and has probably been my favorite plant this year.

It is frustrating when they are so late in the season, especially with the early frosts we are getting this year. But isn't it wonderful to have that intensity of color when every thing else in the yard is beginning to fade?

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Noni Morrison

Beautiful, Beautiful! I only have Sandra and Pam Howden of those and poor Pammy is really having trouble with bugs eating her petals this summer for me also. But when she gets what she wants she can be so beautiful! Sandra is a real favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing your photos!

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Luv the first two the most. Beautiful colors!! Luv em! Judy

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