Some More Photos Of My Dahlias

dahliaboySeptember 4, 2006

Here are a few more photos of my dahlias including another shot of Santa Claus. I grow 220 them, 120 in my own yard, 40 at a Master Gardener Display Garden, and 60 at my Town Hall. This past Spring I installed a drip irrigation system in my yard to help with the watering although it's been raining here in NY for most of the Summer! I'm also enclosing some photos of the raised beds I grow my dahlias in.

Dahlia Boy

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Here are yet a few more photos. #3 is a favorite of's called Bo-Lei and is from Gene Boeke in GA.
It's B size Laciniated's growing very close to my Kenora Wildfire and that's why you see the K Wildfire tag in the photo.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Beautiful! Those are some happy dahlias indeed. My favorite is number 2 (the orange/yellow or pink/yellow) of the second set of photos. Could you please post names/sizes of them?

Love the little orchid too. And the last pink wavery one. Such a collection- I like them all!

How far apart do you have the green stakes in your tidy beds and do you have any problems with mildew in your wet summer?

Thanks for posting these wonderful photos.

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Thanks Poochella:
The 2nd dahlia is Hillcrest Kismet....I saw it last year in Halifax, NS during the ADS National Show there and just has to get it...the Orchid is Lupine Sheila, another show winner.....and lastly the pinkish one is Islander, originated on Long Island and my local dahlia societies show flower this year.
I grow my dahlias about a foot and a half apart, a little closer than nomal but to stave off powdery mildew I use Rubigan..... 3 applications in a backpack sprayer starting the middle of August and you don't see a speck of the powdery mildew. I use a quarter teaspoon per gallon.....some pretty powerful and effective stuff!
Dahlia Boy

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Again, just lovely dahlias. Thanks for showing your set up. What do you use for tags to label your dahlias. That looks like a good way to label them.

Thanks for sharing your photos!


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cailinriley(z3 Calgary AB)

I'm very glad you were successful in posting these photos! I, too, love the picture of Hillcrest Kismet. What a gorgeous colour! But I'd be happy to have ANY of your plants in my garden. You certainly know how to grow these beauties!!

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Poochella(7 WA)

dahlia boy, No wonder I liked the colors so- Hillcrest Kismet is one of my alltime favorites and I lament that both tubers off of it perished in Spring.

Your petal tips look quite different than mine ever did though- more split or forked. No matter, it's a beautiful dahlia!
From last year Hillcrest Kismet.

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dahlia boy.....your photos are fantastic...i am growing hillcrest kismet( or i thought).....but mine is not looks like poochella,s dahlia..

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Dahliaboy, you are an inspiration! What is the name of the all yellow #5 in the 1st set?

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Thanks's just too bad that the season is almost over! Very depressing. The all yellow flower is called Laredo. It's my first year growing it and I'm quite happy with it. I think the yellows have always been my favorite. Probably my all time favorites to grow are:
Gloriosa, Bo-Lei, Walter Hardisty and Jessie G....a purple ball type dahlia.

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Your dahlia labelled Hillcrest Kismet isn't Hillcrest Kismet. The picture that Poochella posted is Hillcrest Kismet. You should find out from where ever you got the mis-labelled one what it is- & get them to replace w/ the real Hillcrest Kismet.

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Thank you for showing your Dahlias! They are outstanding!

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I know plantlady2 told you to replace your lacinated Hillcrest Kismet with the "real" Hillcrest Kismet, but I say don't.
Wether that's its name or not, it's much more beautiful than the ones that are not lacinated!!!

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Poochella(7 WA)

Giovana! Those are fighting words! Nobody dares say Hillcrest Kismet without split tips isn't beautiful.... grrrrrr. Let's just agree that the colors are a beautiful combination, shall we?

Dahliaboy, which one of the above is Jessie G? I grew it this year (disappointed, frankly) and don't find anything similar posted above. Is it the side shot below Lupin Sheila, the orchid?

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

I didn't say to give it back-- only make sure to tell the seller that it wasn't Hillcrest Kismet & don't try to enter it in any shows under that name because it wouldn't be judged as it's not Hillcrest Kismet & don't give it to anyone with that name on it because if they try to enter it in a show under that name they'd be really upset when the judges told them it wasn't Hillcreat Kismet. Call it DahliaBoy Kismet or something like that & enjoy!

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That laciniated "Hillcrest Kismet" came from the same Hillcrest Kismet was the only one like that when I took the photo. All the subsequent flowers have been the real "true to form" Hillcrest Kismets.

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Alright-- if you can, take a tip cutting from the branch where it was, winter it over as a potted plant, grow it again next year & you'll have tubers from it-- as long as it stays the same you've got a sport of Hillcrest Kismet that you can call DahliaBoy Kismet & introduce in about 4 years!!

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