Can I Make Cuttings From a Bouquet of Dahlias?

rozegardenerSeptember 2, 2008

This weekend I received a beautiful bouquet of dahlias, and I would like to propagate them. Does anyone have experience? Can I just cut out a section of the stem that contains a node and place it in starting medium? Will they fail because the stems have been under water in the vase? Please help. I love these dahlias!


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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

That may very well work, its certainly one way to propagate.

Here's a link to an article about taking cuttings from stems.


Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating by Leaf Cuttings page 1

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My neighbor clams, and I have no reason to disagree, that she has taken cuttings from bouquets that I gave her. She said she just put them in water and they have roots growing. Dahlia up the world.

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Thanks, Sturgeon Guy and Viking Craftsman. I actually had seen the website recommended before I wrote my starter query, but it must have been written by a botanist, or some sort of intellectual; I was confused and looking for a simpler recommendation, LOL, silly me. But I reread it and it makes SOME sense, so I went looking for the recommended rooting medium, "Sunshine Basic Mix 2" which had the 96% success rate (as opposed to the "Oasis" which had only a 62% success rate), and it isn't for sale anywhere around here. I threw the dahlias out because the stems looked like they were decaying, even tho I was changing the water in the vases. My DH didn't want to look at them anymore and I didn't think they'd have a good success rate. Should I have stripped the leaves? snipped of the wilting flower heads? I was afraid of injuring the growing nodes next to the leaves. Can you ask your neighbor how she does that VM, And/ or can you recommend another rooting medium SG? I am just about to run over to the farmers' market for another bouquet of Dahlias, gosh they're beautiful, This time I'll pick long stems with lots of nodes and won't trim off the ends. I didn't put the ends in hot water like they suggest because I was afraid it would make them difficult to take cuttings from.

I REALLY appreciate your help. Sorry so helpless but willing to learn. -Roze Gardener

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

They'll root in just about anything. I used Miracle Grow Start Mix with hydrating crystals for my cuttings this spring, worked just fine.


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