Citrus issues (with pics!)

networkguyNovember 30, 2011

Hi all..first post :) Long time lurker. Im a new homeowner, and never had much of a green thumb, but Im trying!

I live in Phoenix AZ, and have a lemon and orange tree in my back yard. Im watering now once a week for about 30 mins, but during the hot months was watering 2x/week. I havent added any fertilizer. The trees are well established. When I searched I have diagnosed everything from too much water, too little water, cotton cushion, algae, aphids, OY! Its like going to webmd and diagnosing a head ache hehe. Would love some help from the experts!

OK, first my lemon tree. Some of the fruit looks a little wilty, some of the leaves look burned on the end, and some have white spots. I have looked for bugs, but havent seen evidence of any. The leaves arent sticky either. Here's the pics:

With the orange tree, Im just seeing the leaves curling inward (cigar leaf curl or something Ive read?):

So what say the experts? Thank you all for your help!

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I'm no expert but just wanted to say my hubby is from Phoenix! :)

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These trees are seriously in need of food; citrus inground need fertilizer at least 3 times per year; Ortho Citrus and Avocado is my favorite if you can find it... if not any balanced fertilizer will help immensely until you can locate a good citrus fertilizer. You will also need to apply some chelated minerals, especially Magnesium, Sulfur, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, and Calcium. Citrus get 85% of their nutrients from the first 18-24 inches of soil, and they are not good competitors with grass or other plants, so they need regular food. Your trees also look to be suffering from lack of water and/or too much heat. Looking at that rock you have under the trees, they are probably being cooked slowly in that AZ sun. You may have some other problems that are not immediately apparent from your fotos; but until you get the trees some food and maybe more water, the other issues are not so important.

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Thank you Johnmerr! I'll see what kind of citrus food I can find tomorrow. If 30 mins once a week seems too little, I'll bump it to 2x/week and see what happens.

Thanks again, and I welcome any more comments!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

As for plant pests, you'll need to provide some good images of some of the things you're worried about. Have you seen cottony cushion scale, aphids, or other pests....or just worried about them?

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@ I said in my first post, I was commoneting thast in my searching it raised a question, but I havent found any evidence of bugs.

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