Dahlia Osirium

cupshaped_roses(6)September 29, 2009

Don't usually post on this forum, but just wanted to share a picture of my beautiful dahlia 'Osirium' I tried this year. It has been blooming for 3 month now and produced about 30 flowers. About 4 feet tall and bushy. (I pinched it in may) -other than this I only grow the very dark leaved pink 'Fascination' and the Dark red 'Arabian Night'.

Dahlia 'Osirium'

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Really nice, I love Arabian night. I don't have it any more I have black satin instead. Hope to see you post more from now on.

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noseometer(7 Albuquerque)

Yours is gorgeous. Are you still growing it? I planted something labeled "Osirium" that on the package looked like yours, but this is what bloomed instead. So disappointing. Is this just a difference in climate or did they give me the wrong thing?

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How unfortunate! Sorry you didn't get what you were hoping for.

Prepackaged tubers are way too often wrong, but at least they try to get the general color scheme correct. The name seems to be a 'hook,' along with the description of 'dinner plate,' which is actually seen as a derogatory term in dahlia grower circles... Why would you have a flat plate-like flower when there are so many different forms out there?

Check out the 'Big List' at www.dahlias.net to find a list of growers that specialize in dahlias... Lots of other cool stuff on that site, too!

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noseometer(7 Albuquerque)

Thanks for the info. That will teach me to purchase prepackaged tubers. The same thing happened when I bought tulips - the purple tulips were more red than purple, and the white ones were cream/yellow. I may have to try again, since I'm really fond of 'Osirium'.

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I love the first one. What do you think it is as I would like to get it for next season. Pat

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