Meyer lemon branches

VegasGardenerNovember 9, 2012

Can someone tell me how often a Meyer should put on new branches? My particular tree seems to lack branches on one side. While not a big deal now, I'd like it to have at least one here to balance the weight when it puts on lemons. So I am hoping it sprouts something on that side. Flower buds started appearing a week ago, and they're now opening up. I'm wondering if I'll have a lopsided weighted tree lol

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Can you post a photo? You don't say how old your tree is, or if it is planted inground or in container. If it is inground branches tend to grow in the direction of food, water and sunshine; try putting more fertilizer and water on the side you want the growth.

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oh ok yeah it is potted, indoor. I guess I'll face the side with no brances toward the sun and water more on the non branch side. thanks!

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The growth in the direction of food and water doesn't really apply to container plants. The primary factors in determining growth spurts are temperature and light. I live in a tropical climate, so my Meyers grow all year; in temperate climates they tend to grow little or not at all in Winter. First the roots grow; and then the branches and leaves; and citrus roots generally do not like to grow into cool soil. Perhaps one side of your container is cooler for some reason.

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