More Photos Including Jessie G for Poochella

dahliaboySeptember 29, 2006

Here are a few more photos......Jessie G is the Purple ball, the other ball is Mary's Jomanda, another favorite. The light blend Yellow/Orange SC is Kenora Superb and superb it has been this year. The final laciniated is Barbara Hardisty's a AA light blend W/PR and just gorgeous.


Dahlia Boy

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Poochella(7 WA)

Just once in my life I want to post "Those are hideous." Tongue in cheek, of course. But my tongue is hanging out here as I gape, eyeing each and every perfect petal above DB. Wow. And Wow. WOW! That Barbara Kantor Hardisty is a candidate for a screen saver to get through the long dahlia-less winter. Could I save it and use it as such?

You should put that in a photo contest if your dahlia club has one. They're all just beautiful. Mary's Jomanda is a favorite out here too- very worthwhile plant. I'll give Jessie G another try next year. I think I missed topping it, and it was hidden from the best sun and got a slow start- only 3 flowers so far.

Excellent job Dahliaboy!

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

WOW ! Absolutely beautiful. Great photography. What type of camera do you have?

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Thanks for the kudos wife and I are going to France next week, so I'm getting ready to cut my stalks down. We won't be back till Oct 20th so I figure it's easier to get them cut now and then dig them out when I get back. I was late last year in getting the roots out of the ground......late Nov early Dec....wasn't fun....

jroot...we have a Nikon D50..6.1 mega pixel camera.
It takes great photos as you can see.

Dahlia Boy

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Those photos are incredible!!!

One of these days I'm going to get Jessie G; someone entered it in the NC State Fair last year and it was beautiful.

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OH DAHLIABOY!! Just lovely. Would you part with a tuber of "Barbara Hardisty Kantor" next spring? I just tried to find that variety online and I can't find one. If you can't part with one can you tell me where I could buy one or two??


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bouquet_kansas(z6Ks) have made these dahlias look stunning!!! i see absolutely no bug_eaten you spray them with anything??????

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Beautiful pictures! Thankyou!

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Ann_Michigan(z4-5 n.w.lower)

What is photo #6 - the pink one ????
Looks like that is one for my wish list.
BTW where does everyone get there new starts???
I lost all of what I had last winter and started new this spring buying from a spring club sale (limit as to what they had)

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Dahlia Boy - FABULOUS pictures. I have been trying to obtain a Barbara Hardisty Kantor for two years now. I saw it at several shows last year and fell in love - lol. I did not see it this year at the East Coast shows. I gather that they do not eye up well and the few people who have a tuber are having a hard time keeping the tubers over the winter. Please please let me know if you have an extra.

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Noni Morrison

For anyone who wants a similar dahlia to the "Barbara Hardisty Kantor" but in a smaller size try Dutch GArdens "Crazy Love". I have had it for about 5 years now and it is tough as nails. In fact, it almost killed my Othello rose by covering it up, and that is a 5' octopus of a rose! I would be glad to give anyone a tuber of it but only if they come by. I don't even mail packages to my kids! And we live on an island accessible only by ferry boat in Puget Sound. But I got this dahlia because my (then) teenage daughter picked it out of the catalog, and I have never been sorry. Right now I am picking about a dozen every 3 days from it. I would say that with minimal care they are about 5" across but easily go up to 6" or larger with feeding. It loves alfalfa pellets! IT was sharing Othello's alfalfa when it took off so Crazily last year!

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