Happy Thanksgiving

johnmerr(11)November 22, 2012

Happy turkey everyone.

Here is a foto of some of our first small harvest of Meyers; they are slightly larger than 2 per pound. The fruit is in degreening process now; then will be washed, waxed, graded, labelled; and samples sent by air next week to agents in 7 countries in Europe. A dream has become reality; now we begin to make the vision the same.

Remember, if life gives you lemons, pray they are Meyer.

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Hey thank you John!

Wow, you have quite the lemons there. Wow. Thank you and same to you:-)


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westgirl(8 WA)

Same to you John! Those lemons look beautiful - how do you "de-green" them? Westie

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Degreening Meyers, unfortunately is a trade secret, known only to me at the moment... at least I think so. Meyers for some reason don't respond well to the traditional ethylene gas or ethylene liquid baths, which DO degrade the fruit and shorten the shelf time.

Maybe one day when I am rich and famous; or one of the big boys buys me out, I will share the secret with the world.
Anyway, in your climate, Westie, they will get yellow quite well on the tree; mine will eventually, but the European brokers wanted the fruit now for the Christmas season. The fruit has been ripe for about 3 weeks now; that is defined as 8 to 8.5 brix (% sugar); after that, only the peel and the cosmetics change, and in truth the longer you leave them on the tree the less juice they will have... I prefer them that way, but the juice manufacturers frown on it.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Nice first crop, John! How many crops will you be able to harvest from your trees a year? Nice big lemons, too. Well done!

Patty S.

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Two major crops, November and May; but as the trees mature, they will have fruit the whole year; at that point, and because Meyers do not so quickly drop mature fruit, we will begin to harvest when the buyers want them.
These lemons are a special request from our agents in Europe for the Christmas promotions; they are our Gourmet Grade (2 per pound); our commercial grade are 3 per pound; and the rest (and easiest to sell) are manufacturing grade, which for some reason or other do not meet the standard of the other two grades.

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