Where did I go wrong with 1st Dahlia?

redsox_gwSeptember 20, 2007

I am a big fan of Dahlias and tried my first this year, an "intermediate" size. Early in the season, things were great, it bloomed, rested, bloomed and grew reasonably well in the foliage department. I fertilized it about monthly with MiracleGro.

I also tried to "pinch the leaves back" as they say to do but I think I may have pinched the wrong ones. I pinched on the bottom, not the top of the plant. All of a sudden, about end July or so, the plant got HUGE. Like it was on steriods or something. It also stopped blooming completely. It has not bloomed since, even once.

Where did I go wrong? Did I pinch the wrong leaves? I stopped fertilizing and I'm ready to remove it at this point. I don't plan to store the tuber over the winter, and I don't think it will bloom again.

I would like to try a couple of new ones next year, as I really like dahlias. But first I need to know what I did wrong.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

What KIND of miracle grow did you use? If it had a high 1st number, then you are encouraging it to grow high. If it had a higher middle number, then you are encouraging flowers.

I pinch only in the early summer ( June ). I also strip only the bottom 4 inches of leaves to get them away from the soil, and thus discouraging mold on the leaves from the soil. Was it in lots of sun? They don't grow well if they don't get sun. Even partial sun is a problem for mine.

Bring the tubers in for the winter, and try them again next year.

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Well I guess it could be a couple of things. I fertilized it with regular old MiracleGro All Purpose Plant Food, which does not give the concentrations. However, it is right next door to a miniature rose which I did fertilize with a high nitrogen formula. Maybe some did leak onto the dahlia area. I guess that could have done it.

The sun also does decline in this spot in about mid August as it goes lower in the sky. But the mini rose is still blooming so it more than likely was the nitrogen. Next year I will have to be careful to separate them.

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