Starting my flower seeds

wyndrose(8)January 23, 2014

Morning all
It is close to February and I an getting ready to start my flower seeds I am planning on starting them in small pastic cups then covering them with cling wrap and misting them once a week. Does anyone else start their seeds in side and if so how do u start them?

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I would love to but lack the space and enough sunlight. What seeds have you chosen?

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Lisa Stevens

I've started flowers and veggies. The hardier cole crops, lettuce, and perennial seeds are wintersown outside on the picnic table. I've got a whole table full of seeds sown in plastic cups and containers with plastic lids in the basement under grow lights and a homemade heat mat.

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Right now I have sweet William, four o clocks and morning glory. Will be getting more just not sure what else yet.

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I ordered some annual seeds last week and am excited to get some of them going when they arrive. Several kinds of Petunias & Geraniums, Lobelia, Impatiens, Rudbekia, Pansies and Asters. THere aren't many things that I start this early, since I can't plant out until mid May. But I am planning on starting Geraniums and Pansies in February.

I have shelves in my workroom with fluorescent lights for getting seedlings going. I start everything in 3oz plastic cups and then pot them up to 9oz cups when needed. Last year I started close to 1000 vegetable and annuls. (I gave a lot of them away)

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I'm getting ready to plant few things. bee balm,kiss me over garden gate and lupines. Maybe Shasta daisy . Making place cat can not play with peat pots.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

I've always had trouble with cling wrap. The first time a single drop of water gets on it, it sticks to itself and becomes such a hassle to take on and off. I like painter's plastic myself. I just cut a piece so that it drapes over the whole shelf...easy on, easy off.

Really any container will work, so long as there is a drainage hole punched in the bottom. One thing I found about using the plastic cups tho, is they are easy to knock over since they are smaller on the bottom and wider at the top...especially once the plant starts growing and it becomes top-heavy. If you have them all nestled up against each other in a tray, that helps.

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