Single vs. Double Karmas

hvander(5B ON)September 30, 2008

While doing research on Karma dahlias, IÂve received comments from growers regarding the stability of the varieties. Some growers have experienced large percentages of the flowers coming out as daisies (or singles) rather than doubles. Apparently, (so IÂm told), it all depends on how the plant was propagated i.e. tissue culture versus rooted cuttings. I'm wondering if other growers have experienced this.

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flower_farmer(5/6 MI)


Here in the States, there is only one grower who is licensed to propagate the Karma dahlia series. It is an agreement he has with the VerWer brothers in the Netherlands. He is located in Hudsonville which is not far from our farm. I'm pretty certain you are familiar with the area. We have been up to his facility; and, the grower is so very knowledgeable about the Karma dahlias that we usually drive away with our heads spinning from all the information he shares. I know they work with tissue culture in their lab; however, the plugs they sell in trays of 72 are rooted cuttings. All the Karma dahlias sold as rooted cuttings have been virus indexed. These plants are also patented. This also means the growers should not be saving the tubers and regrowing them the following season. Evidently, the virus may also show up in your field of dahlias. This is what we have been told. The tubers that develop from rooted cutting plants are pretty much hit and miss as well. So, I'm not certain one would want to spend much energy trying to save them over the winter. Best to start with fresh plants each season in order to maintain the high quality flowers expected from cut flower growers.

BTW: We grow all our Karma dahlias in coldframes/hightunnels. The height of the plant, and stem length is vastly different between field grown and growing under cover.

The Karma dahlia that burst open to fast for us, and perhaps resembled a daisy or cosmo was Thalia. Customers really liked this one; however, we discontinued growing it. If you are looking for a bright pink, the Corona Pink is an excellent choice.

I do know there are Karma dahlias sold as pot tubers available from a few sources. These are generally sold as clumps.

Warmest Regards,


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hvander(5B ON)

Hi Trish,

Thank you for your reply. The 2 varieties that I heard were problematic are Thalia (as you mentioned) and Bon Bini.

Thanks again. Henry

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Why on earth would anyone want to plant dahlias that they knew would most likely show up as virused. They would infect all the rest of your dahlias. It's universally thought that chewing & sucking insects- of which we all have one or two-- spread virus. Wouldn't the rest of your dahlias then be at grave risk if you grew these Karma dahlias?

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