ooops.... Neem oil soil drench....

dancinglemons(7B VA)November 16, 2010

Hello all,

I love my relatives. Most of the time. Visiting folks who mean well poured 1/2 gallon of a neem oil solution on the potting mix of my Lime and Meyer Lemon trees. I had prepared the solution for a light soil spritz to combat some pesky fungus gnats. When asked what I was preparing to do I said "put some neem on the citrus". Well meaning visitor poured 50% of the solution on each tree. I do not think it will be a problem but just thought I'd check with you guys and see what you think. Both trees are now inside for the winter.

So, what does everyone think? Take plants outside and flush the potting mix -or- leave plants alone. BTW it is 80% neem concentrate not the 100% pure.



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Hi DL..Good to see you..

You probably killed most insects if there was any in the soil...

The plants will be fine..I have done the same thing, in fact deliberately to kill many soil pests..


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Thanks Mike, its good to know neem won't kill the trees. I always wondered about that.

In the future a couple of mosquito dunks left overnight in a bucket of water will do the trick for fungus gnats and won't hurt you or your trees.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks bunches Mike!! I have not been around for a while. DH and I had a really ruff, ruff (no not rough) summer! Attack of the killer squirrels!! My citrus got lots of nothing while I was in battle mode with the squirrels - totally ruined my tomatoes and corn.....

Thanks for the info on the dunks. I keep them for my EarthBox water reservoir - never thought about using them dissolved in the potted plants/trees. I am going to give the other containers a drink of the dissolved dunks this weekend.

Cheers all,

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