two vultures and a lemon.....

sunnysideuphill(5)November 8, 2012

So about forty years ago, there was a teeshirt graphic that stuck with me. Two vultures on a branch. Says one to the other: "Patience, Hell, I'm gonna kill something".

Ok, cut to my Meyer lemon. Bloomed around Easter, visible fruit looking good by Memorial Day, grew along all summer, started to color up this fall. Now in the west facing window in my room, lovely yellow on the side that faced and faces the sun, greenish yellow on the other. In November! Do I need to be patient still? Or is it as good as it gets?

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Your lemon is ripe now; ripe being defined as 8-8.5 brix (percent sugar). It is more yellow on the side facing the sun because that side has a greater change between day and night temperature; you can see the same effect on leaf color in the Fall for trees that change colors. If you leave your fruit on the tree, it will get more yellow until the end of the year. Sometimes, if I am sending display Meyers to a show, I will leave them on the tree until the end of January; but by the middle of November (for the main crop in Northern Hemisphere) Meyers are ready to harvest.

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