A few arrangements with Dahlias

mandolls(4)September 8, 2012

I have been having lots of fun arranging the dahlias this year. Here are some I put together this morning.

Akita & Maniac (Maniac-top right- doesn't usually do this for me, but it works perfectly with the Akitas)



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Nice work Mandolls

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Your arrangements are beautiful, Mandolls! I'm meeting some lovely dahlias for the first time this year. Going to have a hard time deciding which to order for next season! I'm always looking for new arranging ideas, so thanks for sharing. :)

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Thanks - like I said it has been fun to be more playful with arranging them this year. I bought a group of old metal spiked frogs on e-bay which have opened up the possibilities as to what I can use from my pottery collection.

For the past 3 years I havent bought tubers. I have been trading tubers with people on this forum. Except for the Pineland Princess, which I have had for at least 6 years, every one of those in the pics were traded for either this year or last. I find I cant really tell which ones I love until I grow them. So last year my trade criteria was simply - if I dont have it already, I will trade for it. I got a few that I am not so excited about, but I also got some that I doubt I would have chosen, that I love.

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Great! Really like the lines in the last one.

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Mandolls.......thanx for showing us your beautiful dahlias and arrangements.......they are really fun to make into arrangements. In September when mine are blooming heavily,
I make up some arrangements to take to friends and nursing homes...

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