Madagascar Palm--ROT??

caitlinbNovember 28, 2010


I'm new to the boards here but have done a bit of surfing and would like some verification about rot...I believe my Pachy might have some at it's tip. A week ago I left for Thankgiving break in Oklahoma and left my pachy outside. I came home today to find it knocked over with it's leaves completely wilted. It is about 1'6" tall with the upper four inches now squishy and a slightly blue iridescent color. I read about a similar story and the poster was instructed to decapitate the poor thing...I fear I will have to do the same. I would just like some verification that this is in fact rot and that the next course of action should be surgery! Thank you so much!

Caitlin Brown

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I would say yes... cut well below the squishy spot, and if you still see 'bad color', keep cutting until you get a nice healthy ooze of white sap and normal looking tissues. Keep very dry and warm.

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Thanks for such a quick response! Any idea if there is much of a survival rate after cutting? I sure hope so...I'll be really sorry to lose it, I enjoy it so much!

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The chances of survival are pretty good as long as you get to healthy tissue. I have hacked off several of mine after a particularly bad freeze killed the tops and rotted several inches of plant. Often they will begin to branch at this 'cut-off' point.

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Hi,I'm a new comer to this forum. I want to know what is the cause of the rotting Madagascar Palm ? And what should we do to prevent it later ?

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External injury or overwatering/not-porous-enough soil (especially) are the usual suspects.

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