What kind of Sedum is this?

fruitjellyNovember 23, 2012


this one is about 6 inches tall : ) and use to have more leaves in the summer... : (

can anyone identify it for me, thank you.

I have the plant for a couple of months now, and the post in this forums are helping me a lot along the way :D

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I can't help you with an identification, but what I can tell you is that it looks rather etoliated (it's stretching for the light). In other words, it looks like it could use more light.


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Hello Planto,
yes, I think so too.. it was beside my window but the weather is always gloomy. So a light is on for it now. hopefully it will get well soon.

the other problem is, it got some black and yellow spot. not sure what is wrong :s

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I'd guess it is a light deprived Sedum confusum.

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