How fast does green giant arborvitae grow

hybrid340May 25, 2011

How many years do they take for a row of green giant arborvitae trees to grow to 40 feet high if I plant them 6 feet apart? Assuming I start them with one foot trees. I live in Northern California.


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Around 15 years I would say. Give or take a few years.


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All I know is the of all the green giants I planted (easily over 150 of them) they all seem to grow at different rates. I have some I planted around three years ago at around 20 inches high and some are now closing in on 5-6ft-while others are half that height. Some this year have already a foot or more of growth while other in the same area might have 6 inches. I have one I planted by itself on the opposite end of the property (near wetlands) around 4 years ago and it has filled out more but height wise has probably only grown 2ft or so. Granted the ones I have are not al from the same batch- but like growth- the bronzing on them from winter varies all over the place too- some show no browning while others alot more.

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How fast they will grow will depend on location/climate, soil conditions, watering attention and how carefully they were planted to begin with. Ideally, after establishment (2-3 growing seasons), one can expect 3-5' per year.

I wouldn't expect 1' trees to show much significant or rapid growth to begin with :-) Give 'em three years or so.

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