We love dahlias now! Questions:

melissa2006(5)September 22, 2006

We're in the Denver area and had no idea about dahlias before but on a whim, we bought a package of tubers at Home Depot this spring and planted them. Two with orange flowers and two with bright magenta flowers.

Wow did they turn out amazing! Big bushes that have been covered with flowers for 2 months now! We love these things, and the bees seem to too!

But I have some questions, if you all could be so kind as to help me with these.

First, do we have to take them up for the winter? I have them planted in some planter boxes that are made above ground, out of recycled highway guard rails, which are 8x8 inches. They're planted a few inches beneath the surface.

If I do take them up, how and where do I store them for the winter?

I'd also love to buy some more exotic varieties and plant them next spring. I love some of the ones that I've seen on the various dahlia society web pages.

But I'm confused. I see sites selling them, that offer seeds or tubers. These ones that we have are from tubers. Is this not the same plant when they're grown from seeds? Or do the seeds later form tubers or something?

Some of the photos I've seen at the societies' web pages are absolutely stunning. Do those varieties cost a lot to but tubers for>

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Poochella(7 WA)

Welcome. That's how it starts.... "I picked up a tuber at Home Depot." Sounds like you are quite taken by your bountiful blooms. Good for you!

Everything you need to learn about is right at the link below, and conveniently located in your state.
Yes, unless you live in a mild zone of CO, you really should plan to dig them up, or prepare to lose them. That would be tragic!

Digging, storing, and dahlia suppliers links are all contained in the link or on many previous threads here. But feel free to ask more questions, someone will answer eventually.

Seed grown plants will generally go on to produce tubers and the tubers should grow true to the plant they came from, but dahlias from seeds come from crossing two parents, so their offspring will be different. Sometimes good different, sometimes really badly different.

Check out any local dahlia associations which usually have spring sales of tubers as a fundraiser. You can get some stunning varieties at very reasonable prices.

Here's another link full of links that might be helpful. Looks like Colorado only has one dahlia society; might be worth a day trip!


Here is a link that might be useful: dahlias.net

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