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aliceb_ma6(z6 MA)September 2, 2007


In another thread Teresa (crdahlia z8bWA) said:

"Another thing you can do to insure a tuber the following year is plant the tuber in a pot and then sink the pot in the ground. You will get a normal sized plant and blooms. Then, when the season is over, dig the pot and store pot and all where it won't freeze. When the tuber sprouts, you can separate into several pieces, or take cuttings. But that is another whole subject."

I am very interested in trying this, and have a couple of questions: (1) what size pot? (2) one or more holes in the bottom of the pot? (3) what kind of soil do you use in the pot? (4) how do you fertilize?



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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))


1) The bigger the better at least a gallon + - to make room for a good root system and also for tuber development. Some can get really large.

2) As many holes as possible. I take pails and drill holes in the sides near the bottom to plant my brugmansia. That way I can root prune easily and pull them out. Dahlia roots are not as large as brugmansia, so bottom holes will be okay. You still might have to dig deeply to get to the bottom of the pot.

3) Good soil with lots of nutrients. Also with good drainage. They don't like wet feet.

4) If your pot soil is good, you will need less fertilizer. I use Miracle Grow, but any balanced fertilizer is good.

Personally, I don't have the space to do what you are recommending, so I clean well, dry slightly, dust with bulb dust, wrap, and store in cardboard box in my cold cellar which does not freeze. This has worked well for years.

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