Flower ID for wedding bouquet :)

scully931(6)January 31, 2013

I thought I knew my flowers, but I can't figure out what the blue flower in this bouquet is. I just noticed the "address" of the picture has "lilacs" in it. Are they just a different breed than I might be used to? They are LOVELY!

Also, my wedding (this May) is going to be at an orchard, garden theme, not extremely formal. We're lucky that the orchard also operates a greenhouse so they are bringing up a lot of plants, rose trees, etc. for the reception. If anyone has any ideas on bouquets, centerpieces or anything I would love to hear them!

Our colors are pale yellow for bridesmaids, guys in gray pants/vests, white shirts. My dress is pure white with a beautiful green sash. Also want to work in some lavender into my bouquet. I'm thinking along the lines of the picture I attached. (Although, wedding is May 25 in Pittsburgh, so will be past lilac season. Have to see if florist can get them) Also, wedding has a touch of an Irish theme, so might work some of the large shamrocks into bouquet.

As you can tell, the flowers are the most important thing to me in the whole wedding! Haha. I mean... besides my fiancé. ;-)

Thanks for any help!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I don't think that those blue flowers are a natural colour. They may be dyed or the photo has been manipulated. The fact that the stems are also blue is highly suspicious. They resemble Ligustrum flowers but those are not blue. There also some Freesias in there, as well as the roses - undyed.

Good luck with the wedding!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

NOID. In case you don't know, the large white flower in the center is a gardenia, probably August Beauty. Another great smelling white flower is tubrose.

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Yes, I am finding I really like the gardenias! I think they turn brown though when they are touched. I heard that somewhere. I've never really grown gardenias.

So...another questions. Are the purple flowers in this bouquet freesia?

I want to have some names of flowers when I go to meet with the florist. I've never really been into cut flowers that much, so I am not as familiar with their names.

Thanks for your help so far. It is very much appreciated!

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Oh, how lovely!
Me like!

Freezia flowers are not only lovely, but they are VERY fragrant. I have had wonderful luck with my Gardenia flowers in vases. They lasted for days and even after they wilted, then dried and turned a golden color, they remained fragrant. Same with the Lilacs, btw.

So, I think they would all be just fine!

With the Lilacs, Roses, Freesia, and Gardenia, that would be a super-fragrant heavenly bouquet!

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roxanna(z5b MA)

in a former life, i worked for a florist. in your first photo, the lovely blue "flower" is actually seeded eucalyptus flower heads which have been dyed. a lovely and different texture to bouquets.

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Well, I'll be darn! Eucalyptus.

I LOVE the smell of eucalyptus.
I keep a big 'bouquet' of it in my living room year round.
Ain't you the smarty pants,Roxanna! :)


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Oh, thank you all so much! This definitely gives me a good start. I really like the loose look of the freesia! And interesting about the "lilacs". :)

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Whatever you do, don't put any tuberose in your bouquet. You will all be gassed by the time you can say I DO. I love the smell, but its overpowering.

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The purple flower in the second picture isn't Freesia. If you post it in the 'Name that Plant' forum, they can probably ID it quickly.
Good Luck!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

In the top picture the freesia are the green buds. In the lower picture the purple flowers are not freesia. I suggest you Google images for freesias to see what they look like. The purple flowers could be hyacinths.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

In the 2nd pic...I think the purple are hyacinths and the white is Ranunculus.

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Second photo is hyacinths, definitely. And like tuberoses, they can be intensely fragrant. With either of them in your bouquet, it is possible that your groom will smell you before he sees you. Not necessarily a bad thing, not at all. . . .just know that you will be a walking flower bomb of delicious spring fragrance.
I would suggest that you consult with your florist or whoever is designing your bouquet and enlist his or her creativity in getting the look and fragrance you want. Don't necessarily specify flowers, just do what you did here on the board and indicate the kind of look you're going for. Florists will know what is likely to be available--at reasonable cost--in your area in May (peonies, perhaps?), and which flowers may or may not be too fragile to survive the rigors of a bridal bouquet.


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Hosta flowers can sometimes look like the hyacinths and most do not have a fragrance (some are bred to have delicious fragrance though). They come in shades of purple and white, from large flowers to very small ones. I love to use them in bouquets since the stems are long and the shape of the flowers are trumpet-like, and there are some unopened ones on top too. Just a thought in case you are not getting married in spring when the hyacinths are in season...

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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

I don't think those are Hyacinths..... hyacinths dont usually have prominent stamens like that do they? Maybe it's a special florist version?
but, they look more like some kind of squill to me. tho- I have to admit, my garden squill heads rarely looks that nicely organized. Perhaps it's an exotic type squill.?
I agree that the top picture has freesia.
There also might be a little Festiva Maxima peony in there. It's a more fragrant peony. (the flower with the scarlet dashes of color)

About ideas for you bouquet-- I was searching for rose hip pictures last night and stumbled up a great website for bouquet design. They had the most stunning blue and white bouquet. She lists the flowers too- so you don't have to guess. the blog is fiftyfleurs.com

here's the bouquet (privet berries. roses, ranunculus, anemone etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: floral design website

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

The purple in the second photo are hyacinthoides hispanica aka spanish bluebell aka spanish squill aka scilla hispanica.

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Love the bouquets! Beautiful!

Gottagarden---I love your garden photos. I miss them, almost. Have you posted any where I could satiate with a fix of viewing them? I wish you would blog! Your gardens are right up there with Hayfield blog...in my book.

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Wow, I missed a couple days and came back to all these wonderful ideas! Honestly, each one is so helpful. My future sister in law used the same woman for her bouquets and says she has a huge book to look through a choose. Going to use some suggestions from here too.
Thinking about the smell is something I hadn't really thought about. It is an outdoor wedding, so that may help diffuse things a bit. But really good to keep in mind.

Thanks, everyone! :)

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