An update on my meyer lemon

krismast(6 S.E. PA)November 12, 2013

After my meyer lemon dropped all of its leaves last winter, and a good pruning, it has since filled back out nicely and is loaded with blooms. I have it in my sunroom and I can't wait for it to bloom! Sorry for the bad picture quality, I took them with my phone.

Speaking of citrus, yesterday I made some really good candied orange and lemon peels, to use in holiday baking. They are so delicious!

How are all the other northern citrus growers doing?


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Your tree looks wonderful, Kristopher, and I love your candied citrus peel! Fabulous.

Patty S.

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I'm also glad to see you making candied citrus peels. I brought some up to work one day and my co-workers just looked at me funny :>) They think I'm strange. Well, I guess that goes without saying but candied citrus peels really are tasty!

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Yummm...Oh man, are those for us? lol

Great job and happy Northern Citrus Growing.....

I am ok, it's my trees that are just darn right ticked off at not being outdoors anymore...


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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Lol Mike, I would send you some but I just made a small batch. These will eventually be going into English Christmas puddings. My two trees haven't been too upset with me so far.

Thanks Patty, they really are good!

John, I wish I was one of your coworkers! Which method do you use to candy your peels? I've seen a lot of differing opinions on how to do it online.


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There is nothing in this world better than candied Meyer lemon peel; it does not have the bitterness of other lemon peel. In the last 2 years we have sent Meyers to Berlin to the Fruit Logistica show and each time the people end up walking around sucking on Meyer lemon peels.

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