Some No ID's from Plantlady and a few others

linht(4a)September 21, 2009

I remember my first dinnerplates order from Brecks about 5 years ago and used to think those were pretty big...until I ordered from Plantlady this year. Holy huge flowers, stems AND leaves! Unfortunately, I lost my tags and invoice so if anyone has any clue on possible names, do share and thankyou. I included the sizes to hopefully help with ID'ing them.

The red is 9 - 10 inches and orange is 10 - 11 inches.

These 2 came out a bit over 12 inches.

This one was around 10 inches.

These last few are from Swan's, which I was able to figure out the names for. Bahamamama and Purplicious look a bit washed near the end of the season. Very 1st bloom was much brighter and deeper in color.

Tyler James came out nothing like the photo in the catalog but I'm happy just to see the bloom since it was planted late.

That's all for this year! Thanks for looking.

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Wyn's Dark Dancer; Wyn's Sensation (or Wyn's Autumn Reverie); Wyn's Sedona Sunset(?); Wyn's Bewitched & Wyn's Conquistador (or Wyn's Magnifica!) If you give me your last name I can look up your invoice & make sure.

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How do you take a picture of just one dahlia and have it come out so detailed? I use a Sony camera. You dahlias a beautiful. Plantlady, my Bewitched is a stripy maroon thing. If I had a decent flower from it I would post it. I have had it the last two years. From Holly hill. Maybe there are some with the same name?

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I love your pictures!! I'm a huge fan of dahlias and hope to get few more this coming spring.

Plantlady, I sent you an email. Please let me know what do I do to order some tubers from you.


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Thanks, Plantlady. I sent you an email via your profile here.

Thanks, Monica and Pdshop. Pd, if you switch to the flower icon (macro) on your camera right before you take the picture, it should eliminate the blurriness.

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Egads- I got some of them wrong! So here's the real names!The red is Wyn's Magic Touch. The gold is Wyn's Sensation. The orange is Wyn's Dream Weaver. The purple is Wyn's Bewitched & the creamy one is Wyn's Conquistador. That'll teach me to try to identify from a picture!
pdshop- your "stripy maroon thing" would probably be Hollyhill Bewitched. Ours is Wyn's Bewitched.

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Right Plantlady it is Hollyhill. It didn't do well this year. I wonder if the tuber was worn out or something. I will replace this winter. thanks linht, I do the marco. I have now done it with the Sony and the Cannon. I will find a way.

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Thankyou for the ID's. I'll have to order Wyn's Bewitched and Sensation again next year. I like Magic touch too but it seems to like partial shade more. The leaves got wilty when the sky's clear and sunny. On cloudy days the leaves perked back up. Too bad I have no partial shady spots in my garden.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

PDshop, when you use the macro, be sure that it is set to the farthest distance (zoom out). If you try to zoom in, it will likely be blurry.

Linht, beautiful dahlias. Thanks for sharing.

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

Your dahlia "wilting" when the sky in clear and sunny makes me think your dahlia might need some water. This would be particularly true if you are growing the dahlia in a pot, particularly a clay pot. If you are growing your dahlia in a pot, try transplanting it to a larger pot, and try not to disturb the root ball. Then water it well, particularly in the late afternoon, but keep the water off of the leaves.
Good Luck!!!!!

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