What's your favorite white ball dahlia?

Linda's Garden z6 UtahSeptember 28, 2011

I want to get a white ball type dahlia at least 4" or bigger and would like suggestions on what your favorites are. The ones that I have seen in the Swan Island catalog that I like are L'ancresse and Brookside Snowball. I am sure there are others out there too.

I am looking for a nice one to cut and is prolific. Any suggestions?



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When you say "I am sure there are others out there too." you are probably wrong. You are asking for ball flowers that are larger than typical ball dahlias that are just over 3.5 inches in diameter. Most ball dahlias of any color are between 3.5 and 4 inches in diameter. Having said all of that there are two or three suggestions:
(1) Dorothy R. is listed as a miniature ball but nearly all of the flowers are over 3.5 inches in diameter(not quite 4!). It is much easier to grow than L'ancresse and has much better stems than Brookside Snowball.
(2) There is a formal decorative called RJR that has 4 inch flowers that look more like a ball than Brookside Snowball. By the way the ADS has taken Brookside Snowball out of the ball class and now it is listed as a formal decorative.
(3) Ryecroft Jan M FD W is an excellent cut flower and is a ball shaped flower in my garden. It's size is about 3.5 inches in diameter.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Thanks for the information. I was leaning towards L'ancresse, but if it is hard to grow, I think I will choose something else. I will check out your other suggestions. I should have realized that when Swan Island says they are 4" inches that they wouldn't be quite that big because they never are.

Thanks again,

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The first time I grew L'ancresse, it didn't do that well. This year, the plant itself is over 8 feet, and it's constantly blooming with multiples. So had this year been the only year for L'ancresse, I would have scratched my head at Ted's indication that it's not easy to grow. I do like my L'ancresse, but since I've never grown some of Ted's other suggestions, I can't say that they aren't better. Easier is always a draw for me!

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