Patio Orange Tree

judyckNovember 26, 2012

I have a 5-6 year old Patio Orange tree which is about 8 ft tall and healthy looking. It has never had a blossom on it, (much less a fruit). Is there anything I can do to inspire it to bloom? I set it outside for 7-8 months when it is warm, & it gets lots of sun in the winter. There is no graft scar

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close up of leaves

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First thing is it is not "healthy looking"; it looks to be starved for food and minor nutrients.

I am not a container expert... lots of folks here are.

I would guess first off, the container is too small; it is WAY underfed... Hansel and Gretel and the chicken bone... crying "Save me!!!"

No surprise that this tree does not bloom or produce fruit... first it has to survive.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Everything John said. Starving for fertilizer, way too small a pot. But, the reason you've not had any blooms I suspect, is it appears you have a seedling citrus tree (grown from seed). This tree looks to have some pretty significant thorns, typical of seedling citrus trees, as well as its form. Plus, you say no graft union, so I'm pretty sure you have a seedling tree. They can take many, many years to produce fruit when they're in containers, especially container trees that need to be brought inside for the winter. I would get it re-potted in appropriate potting medium (search this forum for 511 mix), and start fertilizing it monthly with a good citrus fertilizer. Many container citrus growers on this forum prefer to use DynaGro FoliagePro. I would use that, as well as apply some Osmocote Plus (it must be the "Plus" formulation), and see if you can get the tree to perk up for you. If you feed it regularly, it will produce blossoms for you, sooner. As well as having a better place to expand its root system in a bigger pot with correct potting medium.

Patty S.

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What is the appropriate pot for a tree like that. I have 6 feet orange tree in 10 gallon pot. Should I use 15 or 20 gallons.

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is that a 10 gal pot in the pic? looks more like a 7 gal from that angle. it looks really small compared to my 10gal black nursery pots.

use the next size larger pot, if its in a 10g now, use a 15g. then in 2-3yrs go up to a 20g.

for my plants i like fertilize at half the recommended strength every month between Mar-Oct.

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Nobody tells you how many gallons are in the pot they sell.
I use mathematical formula to estimate the number of gallons. the opening is 16.5 in the buttom is 14.5 in I am averaging that at 15.5 = D then the R equal 7.75 the the R square is 60.06 when I multiplied that by the pi 3.14 I got 188.6 square inches multiplying that by the pot H 15 inches I got 2,828.94 cubic inches. There is 231 cubic inches to the gallon this gives me a pot size of 12.25. I say ignore 2.25 for approximation and call it 10 gallons. It is not science but guesstimate.

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There is another way to measure the gallons/pot without resorting to math. If you put a plastic trash bag to block the holes in the bottom of the pot and get a one gallon or half a gallon watering pot then fill the pot to see how many gallons it takes. It is not easy but it was done. Also it is not fair to the plant to say the H is 15 inches I usually leave 2 inches on the top for watering and mulching so actually you should deduct 2 inches from the H to be close. It is very difficult for me to buy 15 and 20 gallons pots None in the local stores and it has be by mail orders. Some stores say these sizes of pots has to be shipped in Crates costing $150 each. Few stores ship in Fed Ex packages costing $20 each. So the pot cost 17-19 dollars an shipping alone is $20 amazing isn't? All I can say it is a costly hubby.

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Thanks a lot for your advice. My pot is evidently a 10 gallon (16 1/2 " Diameter at top, 15 " high). I will attempt to get a 15 Gal pot, use the 5-1-1 mixture, and fertilize it more often, using Dyna Gro Foliage Pro & Osmocote Plus. OK?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Sounds good, Judy. Keep us posted as to how your tree does, and post more photos. Don't be surprised if you have some leave drop after re-potting. A little transplant shock is to be expected. Just continue to fertilize monthly and use some Osmocote Plus, and it should perk up with some new flush, as well as green up for you.

Patty S.

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I finally got it repotted as per your advice. Now I wait to see what happens!

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