Maximize tubers (or: everybody wants one!)

triple_b(BC 5b)September 6, 2006

I grew the Dahlia "Wheels" this year. Everybody wants a tuber from it!! It is a pretty healthy fellow with plenty of buds. It does not seem to have lots open at one time, the way my Chilsons pride does, but otherwise it is a HIT. For my first year with dahlias they all seem to be disgustingly healthy. (I Did SOMETHING right!) Anyway, does a healthy plant above ground give an indication that I should get quite a few productive divisions of the tuber when I dig it up? Is there any amendment or food I can give them that would maximize the tuber growth?

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claykoplin(z6 Alaska)

My limited experience has been that plant health/size above ground doens't necessarily mean nice tubers. Conventional wisdom is cut back on Nitrogen late in the season for healthy tubers, and Potash promotes healthy root/tuber/bulb growth in general. Wood ash, sulfate of potash, etc. will build stronger tubers.

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