Okay Viking, you've got me going now...

j_nail(5 Eastern WA)September 29, 2008

I've always been the first to say "I'm no florist". But after perusing the forum lately I've been biting my nails at the temptation to try. Then I went out to take some pictures (now that my Dahlias are FINALLY blooming...) and there one of my poor blooms was, it's nice long stem just bent, head hanging low and begging for relief. So I thought I'd just cut it and put it in a vase, and before I knew it I had a fist full of flowers out of my garden and was slicing and dicing them all over the place in the kitchen. I must have made 5 trips out to the yard and through the house to find more vases! Before I knew it I had 2 arrangements I was pretty happy with and a third that was just okay (ran out of creative steam!). So here are the two nice ones!

I also took a FOURTH arrangement in to the Nursery when I went to bust my hump for our big sale this weekend! I didn't get a chance to take pictures of it since it was an impulsive on my way out the door to work thing.

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All right glad to have you join us. Love the beach grass, I used to work out on fireisland. I used to use floral paint on that stuff. Made great dried flowers for the winter.

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j_nail(5 Eastern WA)

Oh floral paint...

I have a (pro) florist friend who is BONKERS for floral paint. At least he was during school when he had unlimited access to it! The staff at the school still talk about it!

Does it lose that beautiful flowy appearance when you use paint on it? I love making wreathes with the leaf stalks, and it would be great to incorporate the blooms as well! I planted little thumb sized clumps three years ago and now they're 2 feet across and the tallest blooms are about 8 feet tall! I'm in love with that grass, can't wait to see it get BIGGER!

Thanks! For both the inspiration and ideas!

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If you spray lightly & from a distance with the floral paint it doesn't clump up or lose that feathery appearance.

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Nice washer too. Steve in Baltimore County

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j_nail(5 Eastern WA)

Thanks! It's new(er) and it was FREE! I wondered if I'd catch some guff over that somehow. However, that spot had the best lighting, with the darkest background and enough room for the arrangement to stand that I could come up with!

*sigh* It's nice to know that there's someone else with a sense of humor up and on GW at this time of night! Now I'm all self-conscious...

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

Both arrangements look great!!



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No big deal with the washer, if you look at my photoes. You will see I laid a towel over the front of an old van. Then I crop out most of the van in my shots. You do what you have to to get the shot.

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These are so great. We will have to have a contest. I have made some with no one to see them. My latest was broken off heads in the bird bath.

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Great idea Pdshop, I have some neighbors that don't like flowers. I will break their heads off and put them in a bird bath. Make great decorations for Halloween.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

neighbors that don't like flowers? what the hell is WITH some people?? I can't understand that. Ambivalent sure, but NOT LIKE?? I wouldn't trust them on anything then.

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