Easter Cactus Sick?

angelmyneNovember 19, 2011

I have been given an easter cactus thats got issues.

I was told the previous owner never watered it. I can send pictures of it. its browning and yellowing. its odd...

Here is a link that might be useful: Easter Cactus on photobucket

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

I don't think any cactus is supposed to turn brown and yellow, but pictures would definitely help clarify just what may be going on with your poor cactus. Do you know how to post pictures here?


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Thanks for the link.

Yes very odd indeed to suggest it's never been watered. Yet, this cati like others of it's type do tend to drop, wither with a lack of watering. The Easter or Spring Cactus will wither and drop also and even shed it's foliage as well if over watered. ( They tend to be the more difficult of the three EC. TC. CC.) to find an ideal location for sun heat and shade times.

Browning spots show signs of it being watered by rain or misting and a bright direct sun to follow prior to drying causing them to burn by remaining droplets. My guess is it was outside during the warmer seasons. The burn marks are for ever leaving a bit of a dark scar but wont interrupt new growth or flowering.

Also looking like it was exposed to some cooler temps perhaps to cold for it, warming it up again slowly to the famed southern window with filtered sun exposure should be done slowly.

Re-potting or re-rooting Which ever effort you decide on neither will be as easy as it reads. Of the three holiday type cacti ( EC.TC. CC.) Spring cactus/ Easter Cacti is as attractive as it is picky in both growing and propagating.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks for the pics!
The photobucket page keeps freezing, though, so it would be easier if you'd just
post the pics here.

Mr. Like is correct about these being the most finnicky of the Jungle Cacti.

The best remedy would be a bark-based, free-draining mix that can be thoroughly watered
and then easily dried out - like the pockets of bark and leaf-debris in the crooks of trees
where these Jungle Cacti naturally occur.


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I dont know how to post pictures here >.and oddly enough on one branch, we have 3 red flower buds growing. Most of this guys leaves are paper thin rather then plump and feel wilted/limp. But theres no gushy parts and it looks happy at the soil base being plump and 'solid'.

as for re-potting. Is good soil with a good portion of perilite good or do I need a cacti mix? All of mine have come in old dirt having not been re-potted in many many years I am sure.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I recommend Orchid Bark (fine grade) and perlite....
if you absolutely must, a small pinch of potting soil (cacti and succulent/african violet)
would be alright to add to the mostly bark mix.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

AngelMyne- Just copy the HTML code of your pix and paste them into the message box. You will see the pix when you preview your message.

Like this...

It does look like a combination cold/water issue. Where in WA are you and (other than no water) what do you know about it's previous care?


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they still have to be uploaded to a web site first tho yes? not a copied from my hard drive location?

and I know absolutely nothing other then the womans sister had it and apparently thought it never needed watered. going to hunt the email down and as the lady more questions. :)

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Yes, they need to be on a hosting website like you've already done. Then just copy the HTML code.

Here are the rest:

If it is bone dry I'd start by making sure it had a good drink of water and then repotting it (maybe a week or so later) as Josh said. These need a little more water than a normal cactus would.


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So, apparently-this cactus is Very happy now. Its going into full bloom and looking happier. I did not trans-plant it.

also... for you guys, I found accidentally, the key to easily rooting this plant ;)

All you need is some Sphagnum Moss. I was told rooting these guys would be very difficult. Rots a real problem with any wet substance. And it Was trying to do this any other way...

Just fill a Clear plastic drinking cup with some and arrange your starts. Be careful tho, not to bury them in too much of it as being really wet causes rot.

I use the clear cups because I can see when they need watered this way. Water the moss with a Spray Bottle for best results. Its taken a week? maybe 2 now for me to see roots in the Easter cactus. Only days with the other varieties.

The Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus both LovE this rooting style. They like to be a bit wetter and covered in the moss, where as the Easter cacti wants to be more open and dry by comparison. Just sit the Easter cacti on the moss rather then burying it at all.

I plan to just transplant the starts with some of the moss still attached, as they root pretty aggressively and I dont want to damage them by trying to remove it all.

I hope this golden little find proves to make it easier for everyone else to propagate and enjoy their plants too!

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