Some pics before its too late

covellaSeptember 16, 2007

Gosh I've been meaning to take some pics and just decided to do it right now in the dark. I had a weird year for dahlias. I'm sure I got some that were mislabeled because I don't remember the shell pink one at all. But it's pretty and gets prettier as it ages - the pink deepens.

But if I'd known the color I wouldn't have paired it w Omega - so excuse the color palette.

This first one is Omega


This is the unknown dinner plate

Here they are together

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I think it might be Papageno now that I'm thinking about it. And after a quick search I'm not even sure that is Omega although thats how it was labelled.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Very nice Alyrics! The delicate sheen and colors on that large pink one is very attractive. Despite your weird year, you turned out some winners there.

Seems like 90% of people who grow dahlias complained about a strange year this year regardless of location. 'The year without a summer" is how they describe it here. Cooler and wetter than usual. Saved me a few hours of watering- yay!

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Good to hear from you Poochella. Where are your pics? Huh huh? Would love to see more before the fall begins in earnest.

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Did you try and have Otto's Thrill again.LOL
Looks pretty good to me - I'm always under the impression you live in a forest.

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Hi Al, good to hear from you. Haven't seen much of you over here.
Yes - I planted 6 Otto's Thrill and it looks like they were mislabelled because I didn't show you my forest of White Perfection. I wouldn't have chosen that much white, but its a beautiful dinnerplate. I do, I do live in a real forest, but I get enough sun on the edge of my deck to grow dahlias in pots. I use the petals from White Perfection to mark trails in the woods.

There was a co-op I bought a bunch of Mighty Plant and Messenger from Eden BioScience - I never had good luck with Miracle-Gro but that Mighty Plant is amazing. I tested some new soil mix recipes and some of my dahlias came up pretty chlorotic - MP took care of that. There might be a late Otto in there that will try to bloom still but I'm not holding my breath.

Nobody likes that orange and yellow cactus huh. I think its gorgeous - looks like lemons and tangerines.

Post some pics will you? How was your crop this year?

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What does MP stand for? I also have some chloric problems. I also had bouoght some dahlias from a major grower and I have a "forest" of light lavender.!! I also have about two oothers I didn't order. What do you do about that?

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Poochella(7 WA)

Alyrics, Photos- some of mine are in the 'gallery' linked up above the thread list. I like your Omega well enough, never get tired of fall colors, but that pink one is just very lovely.

pdshop, I think "MP" was just shorthand for Mighty Plant.

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Well jeez A. I have only posted photos of mine on 4 sites - 3 or them free and that's not enough.LOL Let me update the ones on my Flickr account and I'll give you that link.

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WEll honey - which sites? Always up for some freebies

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I'll send you an email.

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