Update! Pics!

andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)December 23, 2011

I made this post three months ago about a jade cutting I was given. Since then, it has rooted and grown quite a bit! Also, I took a leaf off it then, and it has grown pretty well too.

I LOVE the way the stem went up in a U

It's starting a new branch!

And here's the leaf

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Post

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Thanks for posting the update. I sure do enjoy all the jade photos on GW. Lets keep it up in 2012 and beyond. I like your photo of the jade with the solid black color in the background. Sure makes the bright green color of the jade POP OUT !!!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a


Great job, Andrew! Have you used any fertilizer yet?
I would recommend a 1/8 strength dose, maybe even a 1/4 strength dose.
Now that we're passing the Winter Solstice, growth is going to increase from here on out.


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andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)

Calif888- I really like how the pictures came out too! I took those pictures at 10 o'clock while the room was pitch black with my cameras flash. I am always having a hard time getting my camera to focus on small details in plants, but this method seems to work great! You also get the benefit of the black background, which does make it pop.

The white thing in the picture is my "portable workstation". Its the lid of a plastic tub that i use to do anything for my plants on.

Josh- I haven't used any fert yet, but I picked up some c&s fert while I was at home depot. I use it next time I water.
When do these things hit their biggest growth spurts?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Spring and Fall growth spurts are very noticeable...but Jades'll grow for most of the year.
In my area, my Jades slow down significantly for 1 - 2 weeks during the heat of Summer....
and then they resume growth at the first break in the hot weather. This corresponds roughly
with the Summer Solstice.

I'd fertilize lightly next time you water. Then fertilize lightly again in a month.
You never need to fertilize succulents heavily, but you'll get healthy bright growth
by assuring your plants consistent availability of nutrients.

I'd be more hesitant to recommend fertilization if you were using a heavier soil...
but I can see the porous mix in your pots ;-)


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andrewofthelemon(7b Central Arkansas)

For the cutting, its 50/50 turface and perlite, the cup is just turface. I would say its porous!

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