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sluiceMay 17, 2009

This year, the Denver Botanic Gardens annual spring home tour included the conifer garden of Jerry and Saunny Morris.

Let's dig right in.

In the back yard, a patio featuring Picea pungens macro bonsai. The sign says "Japanese Garden. This is our favorite summer evening sitting place...a cup of coffee and a cookie...oh yeah! (more pruning to be done)"

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

oh man.. speachless ... but i will go on anyway

i often tell the peeps to turn off the computer.. and go tour some places..

but jerry morris ...



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A few more.

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row of bonsai, and a graft

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I'd like to get into bonsai eventually but I can only marvel at the skill and patience needed to nurture these amazing plants. The pictures undoubtably don't do them justice.

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Be forewarned! Jerry said he has collected brooms for decades, but found that a recent excursion into bonsai has triggered an even deeper conifer addiction. ;)

The Doug fir in the second to last picture is his latest acquisition from the mountains. Root pruned weeks ago, then carefully excavated by hand late last week, keeping the rootball intact with multiple bungie cords, strapped onto a backpack frame, and carried over steep terrain 3/4 mile to the pickup truck. I can only dream of doing something like that at the age of 77. He explained that he still needs to adjust the positioning of the trunk to get the correct angle, and will heavily prune the top section. But apparently, this tree has the underlying form he can work with.

I'll take a page from Ken's book...

Here is a link that might be useful: cedrus bonsai

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Under photos "A few more" I really like the weeping and prostrate spruces in pic 2 and 3.

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