are there photos of dahlia gardens at large

diane_v_44(Z6)October 17, 2013

I mean not just the individual plant and its flowers but how one is growing them .

I had a glimpse of CCVacations flower bed but are there photos taken from a distance showing some garden beds, in total.
Be nice to see them as passerbys do.

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Hi there,
those are three rows of my Dahlias.

I dont have that many, so each single one has a stake. The picture is from the End of August,

not the best quality of the pic, but just an impression

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and that one isnt mine, I just grabed the pic from the internet,

it is the Isle of Mainau at the lake Constance in Germany, near Switzerland.

I spent half a year there as an intern when studying. They have a great display garden for Dahlias, and I even helped re-designing those beds :-)

enjoy, bye, Lin

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I was there myself some years ago such a beautiful spot.

Had a six week journey with two of my daughters, gee it is about 18 years ago.

Oh such a very good time We where there in I guess it was September when the new wine was just being made
Thanks for the memories
What where you learning while there.
I have a grandson now 18 I have been thinking lately wish that he could experience some of Germany and Austria and Switzerland He is first year in one of the Universities here in Canada
Sorry, off topic.

And thanks for the postings of your Dahlias in the garden
I have made an edge on some of my flowerbeds very similar to yours. I seem to like a good fixed edge to all of my garden beds. Is simpler than all the time having to edge with a spade.
Thanks indeed

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Below is a link to a photo album from Wyns Dahlias, illustrating how they set up their rows. Great info.

They have closed down operations after a fatal fire this last winter distroyed almost all their stock and and cost Walt Wynne his life. His widow, Cory, is a member of this forum, but I don't think she's been active for a while. She is rebuilding the house and has a beautiful garden ( not in these pictures). In Walt's memory, Cory and her children have left up the company website for the dahlia community. There are many images on there of varieties that I have found nowhere else on the web, and lots of nuggets of information that help growers.

Hope these images and descriptions help you, as they have me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Cultivation by Wyns Dahlias

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CC Thank you

I did look over their web site and see that they began with Ferncliff Gardens in B.C. of Canada
I have visited the Ferncliff gardens a few times and brought Dahlias of theirs home with me

The west coast of North america is such a good spot for growing things.
Thank you for that link
I do appreciate reading about them

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Diane, you're welcome to check out the public albums in my Facebook account... Specifically, Riverside Garden and Dahlia Hill shows overviews of public gardens. They are both really neat locations. I haven't downloaded some other garden overviews to the FB page yet. Perhaps I should make the time to do that.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photo albums of dahlias and gardens

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Hi Diane
I studied kind of "land use policies/politics and landscape architecture". At the Mainau I was with the planning department and was involved with next years annual`s bedding design, counting gazillions of spring bulbs for next year`s order and lots of other plant related planning stuff.

Very interesting time,

well, all the best for your grandson,

bye, Lin

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