More Garden Pictures from last summer (loaded)

celeste(zone 4 NH)January 18, 2013

For those of you who enjoyed my first posting of garden scenes I've compiled some more for your viewing pleasure. We're in the arctic freeze here now so it is fun looking at photos from the warm days of summer. I hope these help you all beat the winter blues!


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Julia NY(6)

I LOVE your rose pics. Of course the daylilies are nice too but those roses are the icing on the cake. :-).


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A treat, but again, I wish you would fill in some names. Just to start: after the pic of Desert Icicle (one I recognize), what are roses in next pic and the rose Asiatic or LA lily in the following one? After Perle d'Azure, third pic, what are double daylilies? Fifth after Perle, what is lavender with darting eyezone and white midribs? Spider in pic before Destined to See (De Colores?)? Picture #4, what is blue veronica (?) spilling over rocks (cultivar?)?

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Oh I wish I could get roses to live. They never seem to thrive in my yard. The one rose bush I had for years got black spot or something this summer and didn't bloom nearly as well as normal. I think I just need to get some old heirloom roses and not look for the fancy ones-maybe they'd do better.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

What a beautiful garden you have!! Great to see at this time of year.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANK YOU to all for commenting.

Mantis...When I took loads of garden scene photos last summer I didn't i.d. everything in my files so now I have to rely on memory, which in the dead of winter is more of a task...LOL. I have so, so many flowers! But here goes...
The roses in photo #13 (after Desert Icicle) are: lighter pink 'Prairie Joy' and the magenta is 'John Cabot'. Way off in the background appearing white is 'Stanwell Perpetual'. The pink lily (oriental) is 'Sheila'. The double daylilies are: gold is 'Zada Mae', pink is 'Siloam Glory Bee' and orange one is 'Holiday Party'. The lavender daylily with 'Buttered Popcorn' is 'Bird Talk'. The huge yellow spider is 'Free Wheelin'. In the rose border, the two blue plants are catmint on the left and perennial salvia on the right. I do not recall the names.

Other prominent daylilies are: Photo #5 'String Theory'.
Very last photo is 'Inwood' and red daylily (4th pic from the bottom) is 'Marietta Warrior'.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

WOW!!!!!!Absolutely gorgeous.Your beds are so breathtaking.I would love to be able to just walk though your gardens, taking everything in and stopping to smell the fragrance too.That bed of Oriental lilies is soo prettyand I know the fragrance must be heavenly, too. Love your little statues you have around here and there,and the little ones on top of the roack walls.Everyone that drives by in the spring must slow to a creep or stop to take it all in.You have put so much work into building all them beds and planting flowers of all kinds. I love the Foxgloves too you have in one bed,i seen. soo pretty.Hope you will take tons of pictures this next spring, too and post for all of us to injoy,and I do so injoy each of them. hope you still have more you haven't posted yet:).


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I love looking at pictures of your garden, especially at this time of year. What are the purple daylilies in pics. #18 and the second last pic? Also what is the name of the clematis? Is it really blue or more purple? Marg

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OH MY !!!! Thanks so much for posting such glorious eye candy. I wish I could grow gardens like yours in FL. so many of the flowers that grow so well in your zone just give it all up here.

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What a treat - thank you Celeste!

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANKS for all your great responses! I'm glad to see more activity on the forum lately.
Jean, I know you are one who always is appreciative of my photos so I did this post with you in mind. Linda, I guess we envy each other get early daylily blooms while I have to wait til July! Kathy, you are very welcome and I will post more pics along the way to spring.
Marg...the purplish daylily in photo # 18 is 'John Jacob'. The clematis which is 'Perle d' Azur' is a light purple with a blue cast in my garden. Not a true blue, but not a true purple if that makes any sense...a mixture of both.

Thanks all!


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Cindy zone 6a

Just wonderful!! I had to look very slowly......... How much shade do you get on the beds. I see a few trees here and there. I never know just which daylilies will work in a bit of shade. Guess it is a trial and error thing.
I love the way you combine everything, The blue bridge is cute too!!

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Amazingly gorgeous! I love the lushness!

I want to plant my plants closer after seeing your gardens sooo bad. But I have this unbelievable fear of snakes & here we get moccasins. As it is my poor plants that do get bushy get beat half to death in my attempt to scare off any would be poisonous snakes that might be hiding. I must put on my big girl panties and be brave... lol easier said than done...

You have done such an awesome job!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!! I'll be revisiting these pics often!


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I think I have been AWOL for awhile, but back now and I must comment on your breathtaking gardens. How you manage to make and take care of all your plants, and animals and family is amazing to me. You are one fantastic lady!! Thanks so much for making lots of peoples' day with your beautiful photography. You know we love your posts, can't get enough. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

OH Thank you CELESTE.I do love your photos so much.Today makes the 7th ztime to come back looking at them again.You have such beautiful flowers of all kinds,I love.I had tried Foxgloves many years ago and had no luck, but, seeing yours how gorgeous they are,I bought another one last spring to try again with just one plant.well,it didnt bloom, BUT its not dead either.Even with freezing temps,its still green, so just maybe it might have a stalk of blooms this summer.hope so.if it lives and blooms,I will get a few more to try.BTW, I have saved this post to my favorites list, so I can go back anytime I want to look at it again and not have to search everywhere for it.
Thank you Celeste for posting these gorgeous photos.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I enjoy all your great comments! THANKS so much for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed my photos.

Cindy, I have trees everywhere! In fact, the only spots in my yard in full-sun are the long borders by the road.
Every place else my flowers compete with the shade from trees. I don't have the money or means to have so many trees taken down since my 1 acre lot was all woodland at one point and there are still many huge trees about. Obviously it would be ideal to have more sun but surprisingly my flowers do exceptionally well with dappled shade most of the day and about 3-4 hrs. of full sun.

Rena, your comments had me giggling. I am so happy I don't have to deal with snakes here. I have only seen one snake in the past few years and it was just a harmless garter snake. But it was enough to make me jump! When I lived in south Georgia as a kid I remember always freaking out with all the poisonous snakes glad we don't have those kinds here.

Avedon, So great to hear from you!! I always enjoy chatting with you here. I am going to get even busier than I already am. My second grandson was just born and now my oldest daughter is pregnant & due in early June. She lives with us (unexpected pregnancy and she will be a single mom) which means more baby duty than ever! So with Mom and 3 grandbabies to look after I hope I have time for all my gardens...(and my housework).

Jean, you know I will post more for you from my photo vault because you are always so appreciative! I took so many photos last summer but didn't have the time to post all of them. I don't know if I can keep up with posting this summer what with the 3 grandbabies and my Mom to take care of, so I'm trying to put up as many photos as I can now. Winter is such a long & dreary season, especially up here in the north and I won't have roses til June or daylilies until July. Photos help beat the blues we all have this time of year. I'm so glad you enjoy them!


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Maryl zone 7a

It reminds me why we all garden. Just a spot of paradise on earth. Beautiful gardens Celeste.......Maryl

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Very pretty pictures! I just love all those colors. Can you tell me what the daylily is in your second picture? I would love to know what that red one is (2 pics after freewheelin)!
Sorry but you know how we are when it comes to daylilies! It will drive one crazy to see one and not know what it is!
Thanks for sharing your garden with us. Theresa

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I came back & saw 2 more nice comments...thank you Maryl and Theresa!

Ok...the purple daylily in the 2nd picture is 'Troubled Sleep'. The red daylily in picture #9 is 'Broadway Valentine'. And just in case anyone asks about the identity of those in picture front (cherry red) is 'Love Fest' and in back of it (dark purple) is 'Storm Track'. I'm going to be a good girl from now on and put the names up WITH the photos...LOL.


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Gorgeous! Love the swaths of color ... I also haven't had much luck growing roses ... I wish my front gardens had some shade, I think there are many dayilies that would prefer a little shade every day ...

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Your garden pictures are amazing. Just what I need on this dreary January day. You are an inspiration. I wish I could get my gardens to look like yours. Thanks for posting.

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I love how everything is so full and bursting with cheerful blossomy happiness!

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